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Mitsui Rail Capital Europe GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 2001
Seat Munich , GermanyGermanyGermany 
  • Rainer Beller (CTO)
  • Masayoshi Hosoya, Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Jun Aketa
Number of employees 54
sales 46 million euros (financial year 2013/14)
Branch Railway leasing
As of March 31, 2015

MaK 1206 of the MRCE in Moers

Mitsui Rail Capital Europe GmbH, founded in 2004 (operating under MRCE Dispolok GmbH until March 2013 ) with headquarters in Munich and Mitsui Rail Capital Europe BV with headquarters in Amsterdam are joint leasing companies for locomotives and subsidiaries of Mitsui Rail Capital of the Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co.

The MRCE Group is the largest lessor for locomotives in Central Europe, with MRCE BV responsible for the operational leasing, procurement, sale and financing of the locomotives and MRCE GmbH for the management of the service and maintenance of the locomotives. Customers are state and private railway companies in industry and transport, mainly in Germany , Austria and Italy , but also in other Central and Eastern European countries.


The company was originally founded as Siemens Dispolok GmbH on January 2, 2001 by Siemens Transportation Systems . On March 20, 2000, the first Dispolok locomotive was officially presented with the 152 902 (type Siemens ES64F ).

It was founded out of necessity. Due to technical problems, various locomotives, including the ME26 diesel-electric locomotive , had to be withdrawn. In order to avoid total loss, it was decided to take advantage of the ongoing deregulation of rail traffic and to rent out the locomotives to private companies. Since the tenants, almost exclusively newly founded companies, did not have the technical possibilities and human resources, a full service philosophy was developed. The third economic mainstay is selling the leased locomotives to the tenants. Since the economic concept was and is only possible in competition with the main customer of the Siemens Transportation Systems division in Germany and in order to avoid legal disputes, the Dispolok division was transferred to an independent company with limited liability (GmbH).

The company has been an independent railway company since July 2002 .

The takeover by Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE) took place on September 21, 2006 during the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin . The new owner Mitsui wants to further expand the leasing business in Europe and become market leader, for which the subsidiary MRCE was founded in 2004. In addition, with the takeover of Dispolok, Mitsui has committed to buy 50 electric locomotives from Siemens. This means that Siemens can continue to concentrate on its core business of building and selling, not renting.

By resolution of the shareholders' meeting on January 24, 2008, the company was renamed MRCE Dispolok . The integration was completed on April 1, 2008, when MRCE took over all shares in the subsidiary. This is also expressed externally by the repainting of the locomotives in the company's black color. With a shareholder resolution of March 7, 2013, the company was renamed Mitsui Rail Capital Europe.

Todays situation

Mitsui Rail Capital Europe GmbH is a 100 percent subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. based in Tokyo. Mitsui & Co., Ltd. include the following, also 100 percent, subsidiaries that operate worldwide. All of them are active in the leasing industry:

Surname Seat founding Area of ​​responsibility
Mitsui Rail Capital, LLC Chicago, USA 1996 Operational leasing of freight cars
Mitsui Rail Capital Europe GmbH Munich, Germany 2001 Technical service and maintenance of locomotives
Mitsui Rail Capital Participações Ltda. Sao Paulo, Brazil 2004 Finance leasing of freight wagons.
Mitsui Rail Capital Europe BV Amsterdam, Netherlands 2004 Operational leasing of locomotives
Limited Liability Company MRC 1520 Moscow, Russia 2012 Leasing of freight wagons

While all companies work independently of one another, Mitsui Rail Capital Europe BV and Mitsui Rail Capital Europe GmbH complement each other. While MRCE BV takes on the operational leasing and also concludes contracts with the vehicle manufacturers, the Munich-based company takes care of the service and maintenance of the leased locomotives. The company is also responsible for the logistic processes in Europe.

189 090 from MRCE-Dispolok in the current livery leased to DB Autozug

Vehicle inventory

While diesel locomotives were leased from MRCE in the past, the fleet is now only equipped with electric locomotives. The series of types 185 (Traxx F140) , 182 (Siemens ES 64 U2) , 189 (Siemens ES 64 F4) , as well as the Siemens Vectron of the 193 series are leased out. In 2018, the MRCE has a total stock of more than 300 E. - locomotives. In mid-2018, the company ordered 25 Vectrons from Siemens, 20 of which are locomotives equipped with multiple power and safety systems for other European countries. Delivery started at the end of 2018. As soon as all locomotives have been delivered, MRCE will have a total of 136 Vectrons . This makes MRCE one of the largest buyers of these locomotives from Siemens.

Order history of Vectron locomotives of the MRCE
year Vectron variant number designation delivery
2013 Vectron AC 15th X4E 850-860 + 870-873 (delivered)
2014 Vectron AC 20th X4E 600-606 + 861-867 + 874-879 (delivered)
2015 Vectron AC 10 X4E 607-616 (delivered)
2015 Vectron MS 11 X4E 640-650 (delivered)
2016 Vectron MS 10 X4E 651-660 (delivered)
2016 Vectron MS 15th X4E 661-675 (delivered)
2017 Vectron MS 10 X4E 700 -... Delivery is in progress
2017 Vectron DC 20th 191 021-… Delivery is in progress
2018 Vectron MS 20th Delivery in 2018 and 2019
2018 Vectron DC 5 Delivery in 2019

Almost all MRCE locomotives appear to the public in a completely black color scheme with an MRCE logo on all sides. However, there are still a few locomotives that have the old paintwork of the predecessor company "Dispolok". These either belong to MRCE or have already been sold to private railway companies.

Locomotives with old Dispolok paintwork
Locomotive owner
ER20-002 Metrans
ER20-011 Beacon Rail Leasing
ER20-012 Beacon Rail Leasing
ES 64 F4-002 Railtraction / Lokomotion
ES 64 F4-003 Railtraction / Lokomotion
ES 64 F4-012 Railtraction / Lokomotion
ES 64 F4-015 MRCE
ES 64 F4-026 MRCE
ES 64 F4-030 MRCE
ES 64 F4-089 MRCE
ES 64 F4-093 MRCE
ES 64 F4-202 MRCE
ES 64 F4-203 MRCE
ES 64 F4-205 MRCE

Some locomotives leased from MRCE to other transport companies were given a completely different color scheme, including the following locomotives:

Locomotive owner Railway companies Coloring
ES 64 F4-206 MRCE SBB Cargo International 'Van Gogh'
ES 64 U2-020 MRCE Viennese local railways 'WLC'
ES 64 U2-023 MRCE TX logistics 'Emperor Franz Joseph'
ES 64 U2-060 MRCE TX logistics '25 Years of the Fall of the Wall '
ES 64 U2-072 MRCE TX logistics 'We burn for what we do'

Former vehicles:

  • ME26 (sold to Vossloh in 2004)


MRCE's main competitors are European Locomotive Leasing (ELL) and Railpool .


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