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Moor Mother , actually Moor Mother Goddess ("Moorish mother goddess"), (* around 1980 in Aberdeen ( Maryland ) as Camae Ayewa ) is an American poet , musician and activist. She makes a punk-electronic rap , which she herself calls “Black Ghost Songs”, “Witch Rap”, “Coffee Shop Riot Gurl Songs” and together with her partner Rasheedah Phillips forms the collective Black Quantum Futurism .

Live and act

As a child, Ayewa and her parents attended performances by Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys , as well as Patti LaBelle . These inspire her to sing and rap outside of the church choir. In 1999 she studied photography at the Art Institute in Philadelphia . In 2005 she founded the band Mighty Paradocs with Rebecca Roe . As a singer and bassist, she also appeared in the punk band Girls Dressed As Girls .

In addition, she started a career as a rapper with Open Mics ; she made her first lo-fi productions at home on the tablet computer. Since 2012 she has appeared as Moor Mother Goddess . She mixes historical recordings with her own recordings in her home studio. "Your lyrics are unencrypted and angry ('Everything ain't ok'), peppered with quotes from Afro-American civil rights activists , victims of racism " and are underlaid with ritual drums, gospel singing or sampled passages from John Coltrane's ecstatic saxophone playing. In her raps and the political actions of Black Quantum Futurism in the social housing blocks she makes direct reference to so-called Afrofuturism.

Moor Mother released numerous EPs, splits, singles and mini albums via Bandcamp within a very short time. Her first physical album Fetish Bones was released in 2016 on Don Giovanni Records . In 2017 she released the EP Crime Waves, which was co-created with Mental Jewelry . A short time later, their second album, The Motionless Present, followed . The following album, Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes , which moved tonally between hip-hop and industrial , was released at the end of 2019.

With DJ Haram, she has also been running the 700 Bliss project since 2014 , which appeared at the CTM Festival and in 2018, Spa 700, an EP that oscillates between Experimental Hip Hop and Deconstructed Club . In addition, the US-American has lent her voice to the jazz quintet Irreversible Entanglements since 2015 , with an album of the same name in 2017, then (with Pat Thomas ) a live recording on April 5, 2018 from Cafe Oto and in 2020 the album Who Sent You? appeared. She performed with Roscoe Mitchell at the JazzFest Berlin in 2018 . She is also documented with the Art Ensemble of Chicago on their album We Are on the Edge: A 50th Anniversary Celebration .


Studio albums
  • Fetish Bones (2016)
  • The Motionless Present (2017)
  • Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes (2019)
  • Crime Waves (2017; with Mental Jewelry)

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