Municipio Chuquihuta

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Municipio Chuquihuta
Basic data

Full name Chuquihuta Ayllu Jucumani
Residents (state) 8019 pop. (2012 census)
Post Code 05-0204
Telephone code (+591)
height 4000  m
Coordinates 18 ° 38 ′  S , 66 ° 20 ′  W Coordinates: 18 ° 38 ′  S , 66 ° 20 ′  W
Chuquihuta Ayllu Jucumani (Bolivia)
Chuquihuta Ayllu Jucumani
Chuquihuta Ayllu Jucumani

Department Potosí
province Rafael Bustillo Province
Central place Chuquihuta
Climate diagram Uncía
Climate diagram Uncía

The Municipio Chuquihuta (also: Chuquiuta ) (full name: Chuquihuta Ayllu Jucumani ) is a district in the Potosí department in the South American Andean state of Bolivia .

Location in the vicinity

The Municipio Chuquihuta is one of four ( until June 2009: three ) Municipios in the province of Rafael Bustillo and borders in the northwest and west on the Municipio Uncía , in the south on the Oruro department , in the southeast on the Province Chayanta , and in the east on the Municipio Chayanta .

The district comprises a total of 35 localities, the central place of the municipality is the village of Chuquihuta with 1,995 inhabitants ( 2012 census ) in the northwestern part of the district.


The municipality of Chuquihuta is located at the transition from the Oruro highlands to the Potosí mountains. The municipality is bounded in the north and west by the high mountain ranges of the Cordillera Central . The vegetation is that of the puna , the climate a typical time of day climate , in which the daily temperature fluctuations are greater than the monthly fluctuations.

The mean annual average temperature is 9 ° C, the monthly averages vary between just under 5 ° C in June / July and 11 ° C from November to March (see climate diagram Uncía). The annual precipitation is 370 mm and falls mainly in the summer months, the arid period with monthly values ​​of a maximum of 10 mm lasts from April to October.


The population of the Municipio Chuquihuta has increased by more than a third in the past two decades:

  • 1992 : 5,916 inhabitants ( census )
  • 2001 : 6,658 inhabitants (census)
  • 2012 : 8,019 inhabitants (census)

The population density of the Municipio Uncía (to which the Chuquihuta region belonged until 2009) at the last census of 2001 was 22.5 inhabitants / km², the proportion of the urban population was 23 percent, the life expectancy of newborns was 48 years.

The literacy rate among those over 19 at the same time was 61 percent, 78 percent for men and 45 percent for women.


Results of the elections for the municipal council ( concejales del municipio ) in the regional elections on April 4, 2010:

Eligible voters   be right valid   MAS -IPSP MSM
3,032   2,513 1,694   1,150 544
  100% 67.4%   67.9% 32.1%


The municipality is not further subdivided into cantons .

Localities in the municipality of Chuquihuta

Individual evidence

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