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Basic data

developer Franz Josef Wechselberger
Current  version 1.8.14
(April 6, 2020)
operating system from Windows 98
category Data synchronization
License Freeware
German speaking Yes

MyPhoneExplorer (MPE) is a freeware program that the synchronization of Sony Ericsson - and Android - mobile phones or - tablet computers with a Windows -PC serves. It also offers access to the internal memory of the mobile phone and any inserted memory card and allows you to read, write and send SMS from the PC, as well as to change profile settings and the organizer functions. Android cell phones can be remotely controlled on the PC via a USB cable. Synchronization with Exchange mailboxes is also possible.

Range of functions

With an existing connection between mobile phone and PC via USB cable, WLAN , Bluetooth or infrared , the address book, SMS short messages and saved appointments and calendar entries can be synchronized. Appointments and calendar entries are not only managed in the software itself, but can also be synchronized with the calendar from Google, Mozilla Sunbird , Microsoft Outlook and some more. The contacts can be synchronized with Mozilla Thunderbird , Microsoft Outlook and the Gmail contacts . With MPE it is also possible to control the mobile phone from the PC and z. B. to use the PC keyboard for SMS text entry. MPE also shows the user some technical phone data (battery charge status, IMEI , IMSI , LAC , network signal strength, internal and external memory status ).
In addition, all files on the mobile phone can be managed via the integrated file manager . An automatic comparison of the photos on the mobile phone is also possible.

To work with Android devices, the “MyPhoneExplorer Client” app must be downloaded from the Google Play Store . For operation with a USB cable, the activation of USB debugging is also required, but this entails security risks.

The program is available in 39 localizations (language versions).

In the past, various unwanted programs such as adware and browser hijackers were repeatedly integrated into the download, as a result of which MyPhoneExplorer was often classified as harmful by antivirus programs . However, the installation of these programs, which are not required for the function of MyPhoneExplorer, could be refused. Since March 2015 the download has been free of any unwanted programs.

Supported models

The MyPhoneExplorer was originally optimized for Sony Ericsson's K700 , K750 (D750) and the Walkman model W800 , but works with almost all current devices from the manufacturer without any problems, e.g. B. K800 , K850 .

Since version 1.7.0, MyPhoneExplorer also works with Symbian -based cell phones from Sony Ericsson ( P990 , P1 , M600 , W950 , W960 ).

Since version 1.8.0, MyPhoneExplorer supports all mobile phones with the Android operating system, regardless of whether they come from Sony Ericsson or another manufacturer.

MyPhoneExplorer, however, is not compatible with the Xperia X1 and Xperia X2 because they use the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system .


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