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Nancy Jane Gates (born February 1, 1926 in Dallas , Texas - † March 24, 2019 in Los Angeles , California ) was an American actress . In her career, which lasted from 1942 to 1969, Gates was seen in a total of 34 film productions and several dozen television series. She played her best-known roles in 1954 as a female lead alongside Frank Sinatra in the film noir The Assassin and again in 1958 in Damn They Are All .


Nancy Gates was born in Dallas on February 1, 1926, and grew up in Denton . As a child she took part in school plays and plays, including at the age of four with the Texas College Band and in 1932 with the Denton Kiddie Revue. In 1935 she was seen in the play A Kiss for Cinderella on the side of Brenda Marshall and in another performance with Ann Sheridan in Denton. Thirteen-year-old Gates also had her own radio show at UCLA in Dallas while she was still at Denton High School.

At the age of fifteen, Gates received a contract with RKO Pictures . Her first small film role was in The Tuttles of Tahiti in 1942 . She was also one of Orson Welles' selected candidates for the role of Lucy Morgan in Amberson House and was invited to the studio for a film test. Although Anne Baxter ultimately got this role and Gates was only seen in an extra role, the casting helped her to further film offers. In the same year she had her first major role in The Great Gildersleeve . At the beginning of her career, Gates mainly played in so-called B-movies , most of them westerns or science fiction films. During the Second World War , she was also in propaganda films like Hitler's Children and This is my country with Maureen O'Hara . In 1945 Gates played again on the side of O'Hara in the pirate film The Anglerfish of Cartagena and in 1952 a third time in the adventure film The Sons of the Three Musketeers . In the same year an appearance in the thriller The City of a Thousand Dangers followed .

In her later career, small supporting roles in major Hollywood productions were followed by important supporting or leading roles, including in The Assassin from 1954 and Damn They Are All from 1958. Frank Sinatra played the leading role in both films. Since Gates played the main female role as Sinatra's film partner in The Assassin , this is her most famous film appearance. She had another leading role in 1956 in the science fiction film Planet des Horens .

During her career, Gates starred in a total of 34 films. She has also guest-starred on a variety of television series, including three episodes of Perry Mason , two episodes presented by Alfred Hitchcock and Maverick, and solo appearances in The People of Shiloh Ranch and Bonanza . In 1969 she finally ended her acting career in favor of her family.

Gates was married to former airline captain and manager J. William Hayes since May 17, 1948. The couple had four children, two of whom ( Jeffrey M. Hayes and Chip Hayes ) became film producers. Hayes died in 1992. Nancy Gates had lived in Los Angeles since the 1990s. There she died on March 24, 2019 at the age of 93.

Filmography (selection)


  • 1942: The Tuttles of Tahiti
  • 1942: The Magnificent Ambersons ( The Magnificent Ambersons , not in the credits)
  • 1942: The Great Gildersleeve
  • 1943: Hitler's Children
  • 1943: This is my country (This Land Is Mine)
  • 1944: The Master Race
  • 1944: Nevada
  • 1945: The anglerfish of Cartagena ( The Spanish Main )
  • 1947: Fuzzy the Devil Guy ( Cheyenne Takes Over )
  • 1949: Roll, Thunder, Roll!
  • 1952: The Greatest Show on Earth ( The Greatest Show on Earth , not in the credits)
  • 1952: The Sons of the Three Musketeers ( At Sword's Point )
  • 1952: The City of a Thousand Dangers ( The Atomic City )
  • 1952: Das Mädchen Frankie ( The Member of the Wedding )
  • 1953: Target Hong Kong
  • 1953: Hearts in Fever ( Torch Song )
  • 1954: Gangsters, Gamblers, and a Sheriff ( Masterson of Kansas )
  • 1954: Raid in the Chinese Quarter ( Hell's Half Acre )
  • 1954: The Assassin ( Suddenly )
  • 1955: No Man's Woman
  • 1955: One against all ( on Stranger Horseback )
  • 1955: Fluggeschwader LB 17 intervenes ( Top of the World )
  • 1956: Planet of Horror ( World Without End )
  • 1956: Prisoners of the current ( The Bottom of the Bottle )
  • 1956: Wetbacks
  • 1956: The Search for Bridey Murphy
  • 1956: Magnificent Roughnecks
  • 1956: Duel in the saddle ( The Brass Legend )
  • 1956: Death of a Scoundrel
  • 1958: The Rawhide Trail
  • 1958: Damn they are all ( Some Came Running )
  • 1959: The Gunfight at Dodge City
  • 1960: One does not give up ( Comanche Station )

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