New Lauba

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New Lauba
Community Beiersdorf
Coordinates: 51 ° 4 ′ 35 ″  N , 14 ° 33 ′ 23 ″  E
Height : 400 m
Residents : 47  (May 9, 2011)
Incorporation : 1853
Incorporated into: Lauba
Postal code : 02736
Area code : 035872
Neulauba (Saxony)
New Lauba

Location of Neulauba in Saxony

Neulauba is a part of the municipality of Beiersdorf in the district of Görlitz.



Neulauba is located in the western part of the district in the Lausitzer Bergland in the foothills of the Bieleboh mountain range. The Beiersdorfer Wasser rises west of the settlement . To the north rises the Galgenberg ( 423  m ), southeast the Lochberg ( 435  m ), south the Haderberg ( 420  m ), west the Bieleboh ( 499  m ) and northwest the Kuhberg ( 455  m ) and the Wuissigberg ( 429  m ).

Neighboring places

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All houses in the district are on Neulaubaer Straße.


Former windmill farm in Neulauba

Neulaube was founded in 1770 by the owner of the two Lauba manors , Peter August von Schönberg , on the corridors of the Ober-Lauba estate, right on the border between Upper Lusatia and the exclave of Beiersdorf- Spremberg in Electoral Saxony . The new settlement was directly connected to the Oberbeiersdorfer buildings, and at the beginning of the 19th century consisted of just a row of houses on the right-hand side of the path leading over the saddle between Galgenberg and Lochberg to Lauba. In the course of the 19th century a second row of houses was built along the left side of the road. With the construction of the new road from Beiersdorf to Alt-Lauba, which led north past Neu-Lauba in the direction of Neudorf , the village got into a remote position. Several windmills were built on the hills around Neulauba in the 18th and 19th centuries. Three of them stood on Schmiedenthal's Haderberg and its foothills. To the north of Neulauba, opposite the Neue Schenke, there was also a windmill on Neulaubaer corridor.

In 1853 New Lauba was united with Old Lauba and Neudorf-Lauba to form a municipality of Lauba. In the course of the dissolution of the municipality of Lauba, Neulauba was moved to Beiersdorf on April 1, 1939 for reasons of public welfare ; Altlauba and Neudorf-Lauba, on the other hand, are incorporated into Lawalde . Even after the rebuilding of the community of Lauba, which took place in 1945 after the end of the war, Beiersdorf remained.

In the census of May 9, 2011, Neulauba consisted of 23 residential buildings in which 47 people lived. The average age was 56.3 years, well above the community average. The obsolescence in Neulauba is clearly recognizable by an old age ratio of 53 and a youth ratio of 3.

Administrative affiliation

1777: Bautzen district, 1843: Löbau district court, 1856: Löbau court office , 1875: Löbau district administration , 1952: Löbau district , 1994: Löbau-Zittau district , 2008: Görlitz district .


Neulauba is a housing estate; some houses are framed .


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