Nicolin Sererhard

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Nicolin Sererhard (born January 25, 1689 in Küblis ; † 1756 ?) Was a Reformed pastor and chronicler in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland.


After theological studies in Zurich and Basel , the pastor's son took up his first pastor's post in 1710 after being accepted into the Graubünden Synod in Malix . In 1716 he took over the Seewis community in Prättigau , where he held office until 1754. In addition to his job, he was interested in the natural history, cultural and linguistic diversity of his homeland, the Free State of the Three Leagues . Thanks to his profound knowledge of the language - Sererhard's ancestors came from Zernez , and he spent part of his vicariate in Ramosch and Brusio - he was able to gather information from all parts of the heterogeneous state structure. In 1730 he and two companions climbed the Schesaplana from Seewis .

In 1742 his main work appeared, the comprehensive geography Einfalte Delineation of all communities of common three leagues ... , which contains geographical and historical facts as well as legends and references to economy, customs and nutrition. The publication, which is still often cited today, is available as a reprint.