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The Nordstemmer Zuckerrübe is a children's book prize that has been awarded at the Nordstemmen primary school since 2003 . The name is reminiscent of Nordzucker AG's Nordstemmer sugar factory .

The children's book award Nordstemmer Zuckerrübe

The school project of the Nordstemmen primary school, which extends over the third and fourth year of school, aims to introduce students to literature in a fun and joyful way and to encourage as many students as possible to read. The children's book award thus sets major accents in the field of reading promotion. It differs from comparable awards in that it is awarded by the students themselves.

The jury consists of the fourth grade students from the Nordstemmen primary school. The cross-class literature study group of the elementary school selects two children's books from ten children's books, which are read by the fourth grade students. The fourth grade students then choose their favorite book from the two children's books. Its author will then be invited to the school's author reading associated with the award ceremony. The author reading takes place around June of the same year in front of all third and fourth grade students. As part of a celebration, the winning author receives the "Nordstemmer Zuckerrübe" from the fourth grade students, originally a sculpture by the artist Jan Obornik (today it is made from wood by the caretaker of the Nordstemmen aster school) and a prize awarded by the aster school's friends' association Is endowed with 1,111 euros.

Award winners

The 2012 award winner: Sabine Ludwig

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