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Klaus Kordon, 2008

Klaus Herbert Kordon (born September 21, 1943 in Berlin-Pankow ) is a German writer in the field of children's and youth literature.


Klaus Kordon grew up in the East Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg . Since his father died in the war, he was raised by his mother alone. After his mother's death in 1956, Kordon lived in various homes. Klaus Kordon completed an apprenticeship as a television mechanic in the GDR, worked in various professions and finally graduated from high school. After studying economics at a distance, he went on professional trips as an export merchant, which took him to India , Indonesia and North Africa, among others . It was then that he started writing. His increasing distance from the GDR regime resulted in an attempt to flee to the West via Bulgaria in 1972 . Kordon was arrested and taken to the central remand prison of the State Security in the restricted area of ​​Berlin-Hohenschönhausen ; he remained in Stasi detention for a year. By his own admission, he survived the five months in solitary confinement by making up novels in his head. In 1973 the Federal Republic of Germany bought him free . He first lived in Frankfurt am Main , then moved back to West Berlin . His first book, the youth novel Tadaki , was published in 1977. In his autobiographical novel Crocodile in the Neck , he processed the experience of imprisonment.

Klaus Kordon is a member of the PEN Center Germany and the German Academy for Children's and Youth Literature .


Kordon writes novels, short stories, fairy tales and poems. He uses historical material in his books. Its actors are mostly workers or groups marginalized by society. Other works are inspired by his travels. With Die Zeit ist kaputt , Kordon wrote a biography of Erich Kästner for young people and adults. Multiple addressing of his works is not limited to this text; rather, it can be understood as a characteristic feature, as Julian Kanning explains:

Kordon's diverse work, permeated with the joy of storytelling, has found many enthusiastic readers of all ages and is received not only by children and young people, but also by adults who are interested in fictionalized historical and contemporary experience.

Awards and honors


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