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The Friedrich Gerstäcker Prize for Youth Literature has been awarded every two years by the city of Braunschweig since 1947 .

The prize was named after the German travel writer Friedrich Gerstäcker (1816–1872) and was initially endowed with 3,000 D-Marks (today 8,000 ). In addition, the winner receives a sculpture.

The award honors a work by a living writer, written in German, “which imaginatively shows young adults the adventure of encountering strange worlds in a linguistically sophisticated form and at the same time the thoughts of tolerance and cosmopolitanism in dealing with other traditions , religions and races and brings values ​​closer ”(preamble).

Awards ceremonies

year Author Title of the work
1952 Kurt Lütgen The great captain
1954 Fritz Mühlenweg On a secret mission through the Gobi desert
1956 Hans Baumann The caves of the great hunters
1958 Erich Wustmann Taowaki
1960 Herbert Kaufmann The king's crocodile
1962 Karl Rolf Seufert The caravan of white men
1964 Herbert Plate Who came from the jungle
1966 Karl Friedrich Kohlenberg Ben Ali and his flock
1968 Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich The sons of the Great Bear
1970 Christopher S. Hagen Secret mission
1972 Kurt Lütgen Complete works
1974 Thomas Jeier The great Alaskan gold rush
1976 Frederik Hetmann The red day
1978 Barbara Bartos-Höppner Silvermoon
1980 Werner J. Egli Howl at the moon
1982 Klaus cordon Monsoon or the white tiger
1984 Sigrid Heuck Moon hunters
1986 Günter Sachse The poor people's raft
1988 Rainer Maria Schröder Abby Lynn - Banished to the End of the World
1990 Kurt waterfall Ben Makhis or The Journey to the West
1992 Ghazi Abdel-Qadir Abdallah and me
1994 Nina Rauprich Carl Kroll's adventurous escape
1996 Arnulf Zitelmann On the way to Bigorra
1998 Günther Bentele Wolf years
2001 Henning Pawel Forbidden summer
(The price was not awarded in connection with unresolved Stasi allegations against Pawel.)
2003 Wolfram Hänel u. Ulrike Gerold Somewhere else
2005 Christa-Maria Zimmermann A hundred days to Lhasa
2007 Iva Procházková We'll meet when everyone is gone
2009 Anja Tuckermann Mano. The boy who didn't know where he was
2012 Martin Grzimek Tristan. Novel about loyalty, love and betrayal
2014 Anna Kuschnarowa Kinshasa Dreams
2016 Dirk Reinhardt Train kids
2018 Julya Rabinowich In between: me
2020 Susan Kreller Electric fish

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