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The Buxtehude Bull is a renowned award for young people's literature , which was initiated in 1971 by the Buxtehude bookseller Winfried Ziemann († November 16, 2010 ). Since 1981 the sponsorship has been transferred to the city of Buxtehude. The prize is awarded once a year for the best narrative book for young people of the previous year. The literature prize, endowed with 5000 euros (as of 2019), is connected to a steel sculpture in the form of a bull .

The model for the name Buxtehuder Bulle is the peace-loving bull Ferdinand from the children's book of the same name by the American writer Munro Leaf .

Award conditions

The winners are selected by an annually changing jury made up of eleven young people (14-17 years old) and eleven adults. The submitted books for young people “from 14 years” are mostly suggestions from publishers, although self-applications are also possible. It is crucial for the award that the books are published in German (original or as a translation).

Award winners

The year numbers refer - in contrast to the official information - to the year of the award.

Buxtehuder BULLEvard: brass plate for Rainer M. Schröder

The Buxtehuder BULLEvard

Distributed across Buxtehude Bahnhofstrasse, brass plates (40 cm × 40 cm) are embedded for each winner of the Buxtehude Bull. Each record is marked with the name of the winner, the book and the year of publication.

Buxtehude calves

In 2005, based on the Buxtehude bull, the “Buxtehude calf” was awarded for the first time, a prize for the best picture book of the year. It went to Birte Müller for her book Fritz Frosch . It was chosen in a campaign in which rucksack libraries were packed and presented to the children in the Buxtehude kindergartens, who chose their favorite book from it. The picture book Lieselotte lurert by Alexander Steffensmeier , published in 2006 by Patmos Verlagshaus , was voted the most popular picture book in the Buxtehude backpack library in May 2007 and received the “Buxtehude calf”. Three backpack libraries toured again through 18 Buxtehude kindergartens and day care centers. The children spent several weeks reading the books there, then took the backpack to the nearest facility and presented their favorite book there.

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Individual evidence

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  2. The book is offered by the translator Heike Brandt as part of the "Junge weltlesebühne", Berlin, for school readings from grade 5 and in libraries, 2019.