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The La vache qui lit was a children's and youth book prize that was awarded under this name from 1976 to 2001 by the children's bookshop in Zurich. The French name La vache qui lit (German: “the cow that reads”) is a modification of the brand name La vache qui rit (German: “the cow that laughs”) of a well-known French cheese spread.

The prize has been awarded again since 2017 under the name of the Zurich Children's Book Prize. “New children's books aimed at children of primary school age” are to be awarded. The prize is endowed with 5000 Swiss Francs. In 2017, Enno Anders was honored by Astrid Frank (recommended for young readers aged 10 and over), in 2018 Ein Sommer in Sommerby by Kirsten Boie and in 2019 Sonne, Moon and Sterne by Lara Schützsack (recommended for ages 10 and up).

Awards ceremonies

year Author Title of the work
1977 Hans Christian Kirsch (stage name: Frederik Hetmann ) Lorcan goes to war
1978 Beat Brechbühl
1979 Irina Korschunow

1980 Peter Härtling Ben loves Anna

Sofie makes stories

1981 Gudrun Pausewang

Mirjam Pressler

I'm hungry - I'm thirsty

Stumbling steps

1982 Paul Maar

Willi ferryman Ursula Lehmann-Gugolz

Anne wants to be a twin
1983 Gudrun Pausewang

Gudrun Mebs

The last children of Schewenborn

Birgit. A story of dying

1984 Gudrun Mebs Sunday child
1985 Otti Pfeiffer

Ernst Nöstlinger Klaus Kordon

Nelly is waiting for peace

Martin Wimmer and total war The red sailors

1986 Monika Hartig
1987 Rafik Schami

Hedi Wyss

A hand full of stars
1989 Inge Meyer-Dietrich Plascha or About little people and big dreams
1990 Rolf Krenzer

Christine Nöstlinger

Michael Ende

Simone Klages

The satan archaeological lie, holy wish punch

1991 Klaus cordon

Susanne Fülscher

Paul Maar

With one's back to the wall

Shadow monsters

Colorado beetle times

1992 Tilde Michels

Monika Feth

Maria Tidl

The way through the pictures

There is a fire in the floodplain

1993 Gudrun Pausewang
1994 Ghazi Abdel-Qadir
1995 Tilde Michels

Sophie Brandes

Mirjam Pressler

A tree for mom

When luck comes, you have to put a chair for him

1996 Josef Holub

1997 Josef Holub

Anita Siegfried

1998 Sigrid Zeevaert

Cornelia Funke

A sea full of stars

Lord of Thieves

1999 Sheila Och (posthumous)
2000 Cornelia Funke

Karen-Susan Fessel

Mirjam Pressler

Anita Siegfried

A star named Mama

2001 Mirjam Pressler

Zoran Drvenkar

Karen-Susan Fessel

Rudolf Herfurtner

Malka May

Stone face

Nominations for the shortlist

Individual evidence

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