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Olson 2016
Olson 2016
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Balloon heart
  DE 5 07.09.2014 (2 weeks)
  CH 90 07.09.2014 (1 week)
Oh ... wow
  DE 27 08/31/2018 (1 week)

Olson (real name Oliver Groos ; born January 26, 1987 in Neuss ) is a German rapper and singer . Until 2011 he was best known by the stage name Olson Rough .


Youth and Beginnings

Groos comes from Kaarst ( Rhein-Kreis Neuss ) and first attended the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium, from where he switched to a local secondary school. While it was still extremely difficult for him to graduate from school, he wrote the third-best catch-up high school diploma of his year in Düsseldorf a few years later.

He came into contact with music at an early age in guitar lessons, but did not enjoy it. He came to rap music through the Wu-Tang clan and later through Kool Savas , who taught him German-language hip-hop for the first time. He began to do his own hip-hop in adolescence, but he lacked the financial means, production and recording opportunities that would meet his needs. He obtained his beats primarily for a fee from myspace artists. He later made the acquaintance of a manager of a logistics company and was allowed to join him in the broom closet after work.

Developed as Olson Rough

In 2008, at the age of 22 , he released the ten-song demo tape Rudeboy under the pseudonym Olson Rough , which he had given himself at the age of 15 . This could be downloaded for free from the Internet. This was the first time that the newcomer became aware of it and the result was download numbers in the upper five-digit range.

After studying business administration in 2011, the rapper Vega took him on to his newly founded label Friends of Nobody , but Olson decided to leave in August of the same year. One of the reasons he gave was that he was very different from the others musically. In favor of Timeless , who was only signed shortly thereafter , Olson canceled an appearance on a label's own tour so that Timeless could go on stage in his place. Fans who bought their tour tickets only to see the dropped rapper were given a ten-day right to a ticket refund. In autumn he announced that he would like to do without the addition of Rough (in German: Rau ), because it does not harmonize with his musical style. He said: "I think it's a bit silly now because I'm just not an incredibly rough guy." He was given the name Olson when he was a teenager. At about the same time he published EP 40213 in cooperation with Hiphop.de, which offered the pieces for free download.

Olson gained his first major stage experience at the Splash! and at appearances in the opening act of rappers like Casper and Prinz Pi , with whom he also maintains good relationships.

Move and debut album

Olson (left) and Prince Pi (right) at the balloon heart release celebration

After moving to Berlin , he began writing on his debut album in spring 2012. Even before he had negotiated a record deal for his new album , he met Beatgees' producer Philip Böllhoff , who worked with Olson for the entire album, even though Olson was completely penniless. Ballonherz , which tells a completely autobiographical story , was finally released on August 29, 2014 via the major label Universal Music . Following the release, Olson went on tour through German-speaking countries and performed at various festivals. This year he was also featured on the cover of the hip-hop magazine Juice , which was received negatively by some of the readership because his music does not specialize exclusively in rap.

The time after balloon heart

On August 28, 2015, he announced work on a new album via Facebook . In order to gain more stage experience, he also appeared in the following year - in addition to a large number of other music events - at the two festivals Rock am Ring and Rock im Park .

Three years later - on August 24, 2018 - was released with Oh ... Wow Olson's second studio album, which reached number 27 in the German album charts and stayed there for a week. The publication dispenses with guest contributions from other artists, which was largely received positively by specialist journals. DJ Stickle , Max Mostley and Miksu , among others, appeared as producers .

Olson released his third studio album OG Playlist on May 29, 2020 via Sony Music . It contains some songs originally conceived for the previous album, but ultimately discarded, which were newly recorded and produced. The singles No Diggity (Freestyle) , ISSO , 10 Km / h , Träume and Bleib OG had already been released .


Olson Rough

Above all, Olson Rough is characterized by a penchant for hard street rap, which tells its own stories (see “ Storytelling ”). When he first started out as a hip-hop artist, Groos said he wanted to be wild, aggressive and incantatory, which is clearly reflected in his music at the time.


Olson's style is particularly determined by a mixture of romantic-melancholic rap and pop music ( pop rap ). Most of his songs are associated with vocal hooks and with particularly “clean” productions and beats. Effects such as auto-tune and echo are often used, especially in passages with a lot of voices and singing. His appearance is very similar to his idol James Dean , but at the same time contains many elements of the relatively new-fangled hipster trend.

According to him, one of his greatest strengths is his "identification potential":

“My music captures the feeling of a whole generation. I think that I address everyone between 14 and 25, both pubescent kids in a rebellious phase, as well as high school graduates and students who are not doing so well and who like to go for a drink. "

- Olson, 2014


At the beginning of September 2015, as part of the local city festival Kaarst Total, Olson donated part of his fee to the Kaarst Asylum Working Group , which acquired shopping vouchers for supermarkets etc. from the donations and then passed them on to needy refugees .




Mix tapes

  • 2008: Rudeboy (free)
  • 2009: Lost Songs (free)


  • 2014: James Dean
  • 2014: My little Hollywood
  • 2017: Favorite songs (with Lary )
  • 2018: Apollo
  • 2018: High
  • 2018: LMD
  • 2018: password
  • 2019: KSM
  • 2019: OMG
  • 2019: Old Town
  • 2019: LA Lights
  • 2019: Zenkichi
  • 2019: No Diggity (Freestyle)
  • 2020: ISSO
  • 2020: 10 km / h
  • 2020: dreams
  • 2020: Stay upstairs


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