Om natten

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Original title Om natten
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Publishing year 2007
length 45 minutes
Director Christian E. Christiansen
script Christian E. Christiansen
production Louise Vesth
music Mikkel Maltha , Kasper Søderlund
camera Ian Hansen
cut Bodil Kjærhauge

Om natten (Eng. Nachts ) is a Danish short film. At the 2008 Academy Awards , it was nominated for Best Short Film, but did not win.


Stephanie, Sara and Mette are three young women who, because of their cancer, are forced to spend Christmas and between the years in the oncology ward of the Rigshospital in Copenhagen .

At night they meet and talk, play spin the bottle with a chamber pot and plan New Year's Eve .

Stephanie says that she cheated on her boyfriend so that he would break up because of her, not because of the illness. In addition, her parents do not know about her illness, because she is convinced that they hate her. Back then, when her mother was sick, she did not look after her, but moved away.

Sara has a growing tumor on her spine that needs to be surgically removed. The operation is risky, but she is brave towards her father. Her father visits her whenever he can.

Mette is already bedridden and is hoping for a visit from her parents. She is a little in love with the doctor Martin, but does not take the painkillers he ordered, but keeps them on the bedside table.

Stephanie tries to call her ex-boyfriend, but he doesn't feel like talking.

Suddenly it turns out that Sara's operation will take place on December 31st. The girls spontaneously celebrate New Year's Eve on the 30. When they get tired, they retreat to their rooms. Stephanie breaks down crying alone with a bottle of champagne, sneaks into Mette's room and steals her painkillers. Mette notices this and asks Stephanie not to do it. Stephanie forbids her to alert the nurse.

Back in her room, Stephanie first swallows the pills, but then induces vomiting. Mette has meanwhile dragged herself to Stephanie's door and collapses there. Now it is Stephanie who alerts the nurse.

Mette tries desperately to call her parents, but they cannot come until the next morning because they have to fly to Copenhagen. When she lies exhausted in bed, Sara and Stephanie calm Mette down by pretending to be their parents. Mette dies before her parents could come.

Shortly before the operation, Sara confesses her fear to her father. This is able to calm them down. There are complications during the operation and Sara falls into a coma. Stephanie spends New Year's Eve alone.

The next day she finds a letter from Sara, which asks her to contact her parents, since nobody deserves to die alone. Stephanie takes her advice and calls her mother tearfully.

Dig og mig

Christian E. Christiansen created a second full-length version of the film called Dig og mig with the same actors the following year .

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