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Oswald von Kutschera-Woborsky , completely Oswald Kutschera Ritter von Woborsky (born March 23, 1887 in Prague , † April 8, 1922 in Vienna ) was an Austrian art historian .


He was a son of Wenzel Kutchera von Woborsky (* 1831) and his wife Gabriele, geb. Rilke (1836–1909), a cousin of Rainer Maria Rilke . He studied art history at the University of Vienna and was an extraordinary member of the Institute for Austrian Historical Research from 1909 to 1911 . In 1911 he received his doctorate under Max Dvořák . At the end of the First World War he worked for the Austrian art protection in Udine and Friuli .

His main area of ​​research was Italian Baroque painting , especially the work of Tiepolo and his son Domenico . All his life sick due to severe diabetes , he died at the age of 34 and could not finish his scientific work.

He bequeathed his collection of paintings and drawings, especially those of the Italian Baroque, to the Austrian state; it is now in several museums in Vienna. His library and his written estate went to the Art History Institute of the University of Vienna.

Publications (selection)

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