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Otto Galama Houtrouw (born June 16, 1838 in Gandersum , † February 14, 1933 in Oldersum ) was a German Reformed clergyman and East Frisian homeland researcher .


Houtrouw was born in Gandersum as the son of Pastor Hinderk Fokken Houtrouw. Until 1850 he attended the local village school and also received lessons in Latin and French from his father . From 1850 he was a student at the grammar school in Emden and acquired the certificate of maturity in 1857. He began studying theology at the Georg-August University in Göttingen , where he became a member of the Hercynia Göttingen Progreß fraternity in 1857 , which he continued in Erlangen . There he passed the first theological exam before the Coetus in Emden in May 1860 and was appointed assistant preacher in Oldersum , Loppersum and Accum in Oldenburg (since November 1862).

He received his first appointment to Borkum in 1863 . In 1867 he followed a call to Ihrhove , but soon (1869) went to the Krummhörn in Campen . From there he was called to the second pastoral service in Neermoor in 1875 , where he stayed until his requested retirement on July 1, 1913.

While he was still working in Neermoor, his fellow Reformed preachers elected him President of the Coetus of the Reformed Preachers of East Friesland , an office that he held for four years beyond his almost 53 years of pastoral work until 1917.



In 1873 Houtrouw became active as a writer for the first time and had the treatise On Poor Care in general and the ecclesiastical-Christian, especially in the Ostfriesisches Monatsblatt published by August Ernst Zwitzers, for provincial interests . Since 1882, Houtrouw published a series of articles in the Ostfriesisches monthly newspaper entitled A hike through East Frisia 150 years ago . When the monthly paper was discontinued in 1884, only parts of Houtrouw's walks had been published. However, financial support from the East Frisian landscape made it possible for Houtrouws Ostfriesland, a historically familiar walk towards the end of the prince's era, to appear as an independent publication between 1889 and 1891 . With the publication of this reference work, Houtrouw was widely recognized as a historian and local researcher.

Houwtrouw's works in detail:

  • From poor relief in general and church-Christian in particular , in: Ostfriesisches monthly newspaper for provincial interests , January 1873, pp. 47–54, 90–102, 129–138
  • East Frisian manners and bad habits, especially in the country , in: Ostfriesisches monthly newspaper for provincial interests , January 1873, pp. 453-465, 490-498
  • The school police in the hands of the clergy , in: Ostfriesisches monthly newspaper for provincial interests , May 1877, p. 167–176
  • A refuge from the world for the world , in: Ostfriesisches monthly newspaper for provincial interests , August 1880, pp. 406-422
  • A hike through the sunken land , in: Ostfriesisches monthly newspaper for provincial interests , December 1884, pp. 241-250
  • The old Provosty Leer, a piece of old Frisian church history and East Frisian Reformation history , Leer 1888
  • Ostfriesland. A historical and local hike towards the end of the princely period , Volumes 1 and 2, Aurich 1889 and 1891 [Reprint: Leer 1974]
  • Memorial sermon at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the current church in Neermoor on February 23, 1896 , Leer 1897
  • The Reformation and its denominational structure in Ostfriesland , in: Reformirte Kirchenzeitung , 1899, pp. 338–340, 346–349
  • On the history of the establishment and development of the school system in Ostfriesland , in: Ostfriesisches Schulblatt 40, 1900, pp. 389–394, 419–424
  • The Reformation in East Friesland and its denominational structure , Emden 1915
  • Reclaimed Dollartland through the dike in the Emden outer harbor up to the headland of Knock. Description of the flourishing localities, which were once the prey of the sea. With a map , Emden 1919
  • My brief outline of my life. 1838-1919 Berlin 1919
  • East Frisia ecclesiastical and secular regiment before the Reformation , Emden 1920
  • Oldersums old and new church , Emden [1922?].


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