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Location Panjins in Liaoning Province

Panjin ( 盘锦 市 , Pánjǐn Shì ) is a prefecture -level city in northeast China's Liaoning Province . It has an area of ​​4,084.18 km² and 1.3 million inhabitants (end of 2009). Panjin is located in the south of the province on the lower reaches of the Liao He . The city and the surrounding area are mainly characterized by the petrochemical industry.

At the county level, Panjin is made up of three boroughs and one county. These are:

  • Xinglongtai district (兴隆 台 区), 194 km², approx. 380,000 inhabitants, seat of the city government;
  • Shuangtaizi district (双 台子 区), 62 km², approx. 190,000 inhabitants;
  • Dawa district (大洼 区), 1,683 km², approx. 390,000 inhabitants;
  • District Panshan (盘山县) 2,145 km², about 290,000 inhabitants.

Since September 2012, Panjin has become a symbol of national grievances across China: Millions of Chinese have been or are being driven from their land because the state is building new roads or buildings there. A property owner doused himself with gasoline and threatened self-immolation ; the Panjin deputy chief shot him dead.

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Coordinates: 41 ° 8 '  N , 122 ° 2'  E