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Húlúdǎo Shì
葫芦岛 市
Huludao City.jpg
Huludao center in autumn
Huludao (China)
Coordinates 40 ° 43 ′  N , 120 ° 50 ′  E Coordinates: 40 ° 43 ′  N , 120 ° 50 ′  E
Location of Huludaos in Liaoning Province
Location of Huludaos in Liaoning Province
Basic data
Country People's Republic of China
region Northeast China
province Liaoning
status District-free city
structure 3 city districts, 1 independent city, 2 districts
height 1224 m
surface 444 km²
Metropolitan area 10,343 km²
Residents 724,800 (2017)
Metropolitan area 2,823,000 (2010)
density 1,632.4  Ew. / km²
Metropolitan area 272.9  Ew. / km²
Post Code 125000
Telephone code +86 (0) 429
Time zone China Standard Time (CST)
UTC +8
License Plate 辽 P

Huludao ( Chinese  葫芦岛 市 , Pinyin Húlúdǎo Shì ) is a district-free city in the northeast Chinese province of Liaoning . It has about 2,823,000 inhabitants (2010) on an area of ​​10,343 km².

The city was re-established as Jinxi on January 1, 1990 , and renamed Huludao in 1994.

Administrative structure

At the district level, the district-free city is made up of three city districts, a district-free city and two districts. These are:

  • Longgang District (龙港区, Lónggǎng Qū),
  • District Lianshan (连山区, Lianshan Qū)
  • District Nanpiao (南票区, Nanpiao Qū)
  • Xingcheng County Free City (兴 城市, Xīngchéng Shì),
  • Suizhong County (绥中 县, Suízhōng Xiàn) and
  • Jianchang County (建昌 县, Jiànchāng Xiàn).

Geography and climate

Huludao is subject to a continental monsoon climate. The amount of precipitation is about 550 to 650 mm per year. The temperatures correspond to the Central European climate. It has an average of around 2700 hours of sunshine.


Molybdenum , zinc , iron , crude oil and natural gas are used as resources . There is rich fruit growing and fishing . Due to the many historical goods and also the large number of sandy beaches, there is some tourism in Huludao.

There is a large shipyard in Huludao. All nuclear submarines of the classes Han , Xia , Shang and Jin were and are being built there. For this reason, too, Huludao was closed to foreigners until 1996. The Hamburg shipping company FHBertling placed the order for the construction of 4 ships. These were the first civilian ships intended for export at this shipyard.


Part of the Great Wall of China runs in the area of Lijiabao Municipality (Gemeinde Gemeinde) through Suizhong County and ends at the Shanhai Pass at Shanhaiguan by the sea. At Jiumenkou , where it crosses a river, you will find the only part of the wall that runs through water. This place has been a frequent location for combat throughout history.

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