Anshan (Liaoning)

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Anshan (China)
Coordinates 41 ° 7 ′  N , 122 ° 59 ′  E Coordinates: 41 ° 7 ′  N , 122 ° 59 ′  E
Basic data
Country People's Republic of China


Residents 3,520,000 (2010)
Location of Anshan's in Liaoning
Location of Anshan's in Liaoning
Satellite photo of Anshan

Anshan ( Chinese  鞍山市 , pinyin Anshan Shì  - "Saddle Mountain City") is a prefecture-level city in Northeast China , in the province of Liaoning .


Anshan is near Shenyang City . In 2005 the number of inhabitants in the city center was 1,201,927, in the administrative area of ​​the district-free city 3.52 million (2010). The area is 9,252 km². The annual rainfall is 713 mm, the average temperature 8.5 ° C.

Anshan is made up of four urban districts , an independent city, a district and an autonomous district:


Anshan is one of the largest industrial centers in China, the steel industry in particular is strong here. The integrated iron and steel industrial complex is the second largest in China, making it one of the largest in the world. Iron ore and coal, which are mined in the region, are processed. It was founded in 1918 as Anshan Iron & Steel Works, since 1933 Shōwa Seitetsusho ( 昭和 製鋼 所 ). 1938-45 / 8 it belonged to the Manshū Jūkōgyō Kaihatsu .

With the first five-year plan (1953-57) the steel combine was greatly expanded. Among other things, 6 new blast furnaces , two steel works with Siemens-Martin furnaces , 8 rolling mills and ore processing and sintering plants were built. In 1957, Anshan produced 3.3 million tons of iron (out of a total of 5.9 million tons produced in China) and 2.9 million tons of steel (out of a total of 5.4 million tons produced in China). There are also chemical industry and mechanical engineering complexes in Anshan.


Anshan was founded in 1387 and fortified in the 16th century. After the city suffered great damage in the Boxer Rebellion ( 1900 ) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), it was rebuilt with wide streets. Industrialization began in Anshan around 1918 and accelerated after the occupation by Japan in 1931 . In the second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), Anshan was again badly damaged and the industrial complexes were later plundered by the Soviet army towards the end of the Second World War . In the 1950s, the city was rebuilt, this time with new, modern industrial facilities.

Anshan is twin town of Sheffield , United Kingdom .

Population development of the agglomeration according to the UN

year population
1950 455,000
1960 850,000
1970 813,000
1980 967,000
1990 1,234,000
2000 1,384,000
2010 1,501,000
2017 1,587,000

Individual evidence

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