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Paul Zenetti (born April 22, 1866 in Lauingen , † January 31, 1943 in Dillingen an der Donau ) was a German geologist and historian of prehistory and early history as well as a professor at the Philosophical-Theological University in Dillingen .


The pharmacist's son studied in Munich and at the University of Strasbourg a . a. Pharmacy, biology and chemistry up to his doctorate in 1894 and after an assistant in Strasbourg in 1897 became associate professor at the Lyzeum Dillingen . In 1909 he became a full professor until 1931 and was the rector's office three times at the Philosophical-Theological College . His interest expanded to include the geology and prehistory and early history of his homeland, Bavarian Swabia . He was particularly involved in the Dillingen Historical Society and took part in regional excavations. In November 1933 he and all other Dillinger lecturers signed the German professors' commitment to Adolf Hitler . His brother Emil Zenetti was general of the flak cartillery and responsible for the Luftgau Munich.

The city of Dillingen an der Donau honors him with Paul-Zenetti-Strasse .


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  • The Principal Moments in the Development of Natural History , lecture given on November 20, 1897 at the beginning of his lectures on chemistry and descriptive natural sciences. Dillingen 1897
  • A geologist goes to Spitsbergen , 1912
  • The formation of the Swabian-Bavarian plateau , Rector's speech in 1914
  • The Upper Danube, a geological study , speech on the occasion of the reassignment of the rectorate of the Bavarian Lyceum Dillingen (University for Philosophical and Catholic Theological Studies), given on February 3, 1919, Munich 1919
  • From my war diary , 4th vol., Dillingen 1925–31
  • The excavations of the late Roman fort on the Bürgle near Gundremmingen: 1. The late Roman border system in Raetia , 1926/27
  • Spiritual in nature , Innsbruck 1929
  • The geological structure and development of Bavarian Swabia , 1929
  • 11 years of the Treaty of Versailles , speech given on July 1, 1930, on the occasion of the liberation ceremony, Dillingen 1930
  • Prehistory and early history of the Dillingen district on the Danube , published by the National Socialist Teachers' Association (NSLB) district of Dillingen, Dillingen 1939
  • Excavations and find reports from 1935 - 1941 , Dillingen 1952


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