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UNC Tar Heels Pep Band

A pep band is a non-marching marching band . Very common in the USA , pep bands play z. B. at basketball , hockey or baseball games in the stands. The special thing about it is that not the usual concert instruments are used, but also the special marching instruments . Since there is no march, keyboards , electric guitar or electric bass are often used.


Pep bands usually use the same instruments as marching bands:

Baritones have a forward-facing funnel in marching and pep bands. This is then also referred to as marching baritone . Marching euphoniums have a larger scale length (comparison tenor horn / baritone horn ). Tubas are often replaced by sousaphones . There is also a marching tuba , which is carried on the shoulder and directed forward. The mellophone replaces the French horn , which is common in concert music, and is also directed forward. There is also a marching trumpet . However, since the trumpet funnel is naturally directed towards the front, these are less used.


There are numerous arrangements for marching and pep bands. The arrangements are rather short with around two minutes and are simply arranged. Depending on the publisher, the flutes play a similar part to the clarinets. There are also not several flutes or clarinet parts, as is known from concert literature. The flugelhorn, cornet, and the alto saxophones also have a similar voice, referred to as the horn for short . Other groups are the Low Brass and Wood , which includes the baritons, trombones, and tenor saxophones. There are several trumpet parts, depending on the arrangement, as well as a tuba part. The drums are divided into mallets , cymbal, bass drum , snare drum, percussion, tenor drums, optional drum set . Occasionally there are also electric bass and keyboard parts in the arrangements.


The range of music for pep bands is very large. As a rule, pep bands play more modern and well-known pieces of music to cheer their team or the audience on. Popular pieces are e.g. B. Jump , Smoke on the Water , songs by the Blues Brothers and the like.