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Peter Baumann in 2012

Peter Baumann (born November 18, 1947 in Zurich ) is a Swiss publisher , film producer , journalist and translator .


Peter Baumann studied economic and social history, economics and journalism at the University of Zurich . In 1969 he founded the student magazine focus in Zurich : the time-critical magazine , of which he was the first editor-in-chief. In 1970/71 he interrupted his studies to teach as a teacher in St. Moritz and then worked alongside his studies as a language teacher and journalist before he took over the editor-in-chief of the youth magazine team in 1974 (until 1979). In 1977 he founded the satirical magazine Koma together with Dithard von Rabenau . From 1978 to 1985 he wrote film reviews for the magazine Schweizer Familie and in 1980 he had a weekly film program Soundtrack on the then pirate station Radio 24 by Roger Schawinski . From 1980 to 1987 he was the publishing manager for magazines at AG für Verlagsunternehmungen / Tages Anzeiger AG .

Baumann has been an independent media entrepreneur since 1987. So he designed the game magazine AHA! for Tivolino and was partner and managing director of the film distributor Columbus Film in Zurich (until 2006). As a partner and co-producer in the film production companies Catpics AG and Catpics Coproductions AG , he was involved in the productions Journey of Hope (Oscar “Best Foreign Language Film” 1991), Dance of the Blue Birds (1993), Mouvements du Désir (1994), Tschäss (1994), Gerhard Meier - The Ballad of Writing (1995), Rendez-vous in the Zoo (1995) and The Salt Men of Tibet (1997) involved.

Baumann has also been a publisher of cartoon, picture and art books since 1980 and a translator of picture books since 1985. As a translator, he was nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize in 1991, 1993, 1999 and 2001. From 1996 to 2008 he was co-owner and co-publisher at Lappan Verlag , Oldenburg. In the art book publisher Edition C (rocodile) AG, Zug, he published books and posters by HR Giger and Sebastian Krüger .

Publications in books and catalogs

  • Peter Baumann: Foreword to Auslese by Werner Nydegger , Edition C 1978, ISBN 3-855-91010-3
  • Werner Nydegger and Peter Baumann: The latest from yesterday. A comical of world history . 2 volumes, Edition C 1980, ISBN 3-855-91021-9 , ISBN 3-855-91002-2
  • Claudius Babst and Peter Baumann (eds.): Switzerland for children . Guide Familial, 1980, ISBN 3-85866-001-9
  • Claudius Babst and Peter Baumann (eds.): Sport with fun . Edition C / Guide Familial, 1981, ISBN 3-85591-011-1
  • Peter Baumann: Foreword to: It starts well! by Uli Stein, team, Zurich, 1982
  • Peter Baumann: Werner Weißderteufel . In: Oltner Neujahrsblätter 1995 . Akademia Olten, 1995
  • Peter Baumann: Stories of people and monkeys in the catalog for the exhibition Anthony Browne - Artist of the Glances in the Picture Book Museum Troisdorf, Lappan 2000
  • Peter Baumann: Painful greetings . In: Günther Willen (Ed.): Everyone loves Christmas. Pictures and words . Lappan 2000, ISBN 3-89082-745-4
  • Peter Baumann and Gerhard Glück: Name happiness - A studio conversation . In: Gerhard luck: luck - comical art . Lappan 2007, ISBN 978-3-8303-3151-3
  • Peter Baumann: Afterword about Wilhelm Hauff in Wilhelm Hauff's most beautiful fairy tales , illustrated by Mario Grasso , Lappan 2009, ISBN 978-3-8303-1140-9
  • Peter Baumann: Foreword to "Master of Comic Art: Gerhard Glück" by Gerhard Glück , Verlag Antje Kunstmann 2011, ISBN 978-3-88897-720-6

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