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Peter Baumann (born May 18, 1939 ) is a German journalist , writer , filmmaker and director as well as musician and producer.

life and work

Baumann switched to journalism after completing an apprenticeship as a miner . He was an editor at the Schwäbische Zeitung , the Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung , editor-in-chief of the magazine Berliner Leben and editor-in-chief at Tagesspiegel . To this end, he acted as a science editor for Westermannsmonthshefte and as editor of the Safari paperback series at Ullstein Verlag .

After starting his own business as a book and film author in 1974, he traveled almost all over the world. As a writer and documentary filmmaker, he visited North , Central and South America , Africa and Polynesia . A total of 72 works by Baumann are currently listed in the German National Library, around half of them films for ARD and ZDF, including for the Terra X series . His non-fiction books, travel books, illustrated books and novels have been published by renowned publishers, and many of them have been translated into the most common languages.

As a jazz musician, Peter Baumann played with renowned musicians in his formation Jazz Romances and produced a whole series of CDs and DVDs. Among them were Billy Gray , Lembit Saarsalu , Paul Kuhn , Red Holloway , Greetje Kauffeld , Nathalie Kollo and Jesse Jones . The author made a name for himself especially in the field of jazz and literature with productions such as Black Orpheus or The Legend of the Ocean Pianist based on the novel by Claudio Barrico .

The author also writes for the theater. Myth Marilyn and Myth Billie Holliday (sic!), Two plays with music, were premiered in 2014 and 2015 at the Schleswig-Holstein State Theater.

Peter Baumann is married and lives in Berlin and Ellingstedt near Schleswig.

Publications (selection)


  • The Lord of the Rainbow, Scherz Verlag Bern
  • Isabel Godin's love, Langen-Müller Verlag, Munich
  • The song from Missouri, Langen-Müller Verlag, Munich
  • The man who invented Buffalo Bill, Seemann Publishing, Camposol / Spain


  • Journey to the sun dance, Safari-Verlag, Berlin
  • Secrets in the Zoo / Tiergarten Biology, Safari-Verlag, Berlin
  • Manager of the Wilderness, Safari-Verlag, Berlin
  • The heirs of Tecumseh and Sitting Bull, Safari-Verlag, Berlin
  • No space for “wild” people, Molden Verlag, Vienna
  • Too much heart for animals (with Ortwin Fink), Hoffmann and Campe, Hamburg
  • Valdivia, the discovery of America's oldest culture, Hoffmann and Campe, Hamburg
  • People in the rainforest (with Erwin Patzelt ), Droste Verlag, Düsseldorf
  • Memories of a headhunter, Krüger Verlag, Frankfurt

CDs / DVDs

  • Billy Gray - My Favorite JazzRomances
  • Conny's Jazz Night
  • A rendezvous between classical and jazz
  • Ray Charles Remembered
  • Oscar Peterson Remembered
  • Ranicki's realm
  • Where life is peaceful

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