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Alvaradoa amorphoides

Alvaradoa amorphoides

Nuclear eudicotyledons
Eurosiden II
Order : Picramniales
Family : Picramniaceae
Scientific name of the  order
Scientific name of the  family
Fernando & Quinn

The Picramniaceae are a small family that form their own order Picramniales within the flowering plants (Magnoliopsida) . They only occur in the Neotropic .


They are mostly very small trees or bushes . The bark is usually bitter. The alternate and spirally arranged, stalked leaves are composed. The leaflets are usually arranged alternately on the rachis . Stipules are missing.

They are dioecious separate sexes ( diocesan ). Long racemose or panicle inflorescences are formed. The small, radial symmetry , unisexual flowers are usually three or five, rarely six. The sepals are fused and the calyx lobes are significantly longer than the calyx tube. Usually petals are present; male flowers are absent in a few species. Male flowers contain a circle with usually three or five, rarely six free, fertile stamens . The female flowers contain two to three carpels , which are fused to an upper ovary , with a style that is shorter than the ovary and they can contain staminodes .

There are berries in Picramnia or Samara at Alvaradoa formed.

Picramnia glazioviana

Systematics and distribution

The Picramniales are an order within the Eurosids II . They only include the Picramniaceae family.

A typical chemosystematic characteristic of the Picramniales or Picramniaceae is the occurrence of tariric acid in both genera.

There are about 46 types. This family is divided into two subfamilies, each containing only one genus:


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Individual evidence

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