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The Progressive Organizations in Switzerland , mostly called POCH for short , were a left-wing political party that was active until the early 1990s.


The POCH was founded as a communist party as part of the 1968 student movement . In 1977, many women's groups split off from the POCH and founded the Organization for the Women's Cause (OFRA) . In 1987 the POCH distanced themselves from Marxism-Leninism and henceforth called themselves POCH-Greens. After the dissolution of the individual cantonal parties between the late 1970s and 1993, many POCH members joined the Green Party , some of them the Social Democrats , and the party was dissolved. The last cantonal section dissolved in Basel-Stadt , from which the BastA party, which still exists today, emerged .

The Rotpunktverlag in Zurich , which still exists today, has its origins in the POCH . This was founded in 1976 as the «Rotpunkt Verlag (RPV)» cooperative based on a decision by the party leadership with the aim of «promoting the publication and distribution of socialist literature» .

The indirect successor of POCH in the city of Zurich is the Alternative List , which was founded after the POCH section there was dissolved.

Results of the elections to the National Council

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