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Neubauer monument on the campus in Erfurt

The University of Education “Dr. Theodor Neubauer “Erfurt / Mühlhausen had been a pedagogical university in the Erfurt district since 1969 and in Thuringia since 1990 , which was incorporated into the University of Erfurt in 2001 . Forerunners were the Erfurt Pedagogical Academy (1929–1932) and the Erfurt Pedagogical Institute from 1953.


Weimar Republic

On May 11, 1929, a pedagogical academy was founded in Erfurt to train primary school teachers. The Prussian Minister of Education, Carl Heinrich Becker , who was present at the opening, referred to a historical line towards the university, which was closed in 1816. A total of 12 full-time and four part-time teachers taught at the academy. The number of students, of whom only two cohorts who were admitted to Erfurt in April, were able to complete their studies in Erfurt, totaled 219. They were predominantly male and came from the middle class in the city and region. The academy was initially housed in the former teachers' seminar in the government street, which later became the orthopedic clinic. A spacious new building for approx. 300 students on Beethovenplatz was in the planning stage. The academy had to be closed in 1932 in the context of the global economic crisis . The director was the theologian Wilhelm Bruhn (pedagogue) . Long after the had work Pedagogy of Otto Scheibner . A prominent professor for folklore was Martin Wahler , for philosophy the right-wing Arthur Hoffmann , for geography Ernst Kaiser (geographer) .


In 1953 another institution for teacher training was founded in Erfurt, the Pedagogical Institute . This institution, together with the Pedagogical Institute in Mühlhausen, which had also been in existence since 1953, was elevated to a pedagogical university on September 1, 1969 by the Minister of Education, Margot Honecker , and was named after Theodor Neubauer until 1990 . A monument with a bust on the university campus in Erfurt still reminds of this name . This comes from the sculptor Walter Arnold .

At the university there were three faculties that had the right to award doctorates and at which a total of around 14,000 students were trained, up to 2,500 students at the same time.

On December 11, 1990, most of the sections were closed, including philosophy, pedagogy, psychology, economics and social sciences. The remaining departments continued as PH. In 1994 teaching was stopped in Mühlhausen. In December 1993 the Landtag of the Free State of Thuringia decided to rebuild the University of Erfurt . The university started teaching in the winter semester 1999/2000. During this time, the PH and the university shared the campus on Nordhäuser Straße. In 2001 the Erfurt University of Education was incorporated into the university.

Until his dismissal in 1990, MEGA researcher Eike Kopf was professor for Marxism-Leninism .

The campus in Erfurt was built from 1952. The Audimax was built in 1962 in neoclassical style, the high-rise dormitory in 1964. Today it serves as the campus of the University of Erfurt.

Unpopular students were forcibly de-registered, for this the university worked together with the Ministry for State Security , which had an office on the premises. A case from 1976, which ended with the de-registration of several students, was documented by students at the University of Erfurt in 2016/17.



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