Quatermass (tape)

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General information
origin London , England
Genre (s) Progressive Rock (initially), Hard Rock (later)
founding 1969, 1994 as Quatermass II
resolution 1971, 1998 or later
Last occupation
Mick Underwood
Nick Simper
Bart Foley
Gary Davis
Keyboard (live)
Lindsey Bridgewater
former members
Electric bass, vocals
John Gustafson
J. Peter Robinson
Electric guitar
Bernie Tormé
Peter Taylor
Keyboard (studio)
Don Airey

Quatermass was an English progressive rock and hard rock band from London that was formed in 1969 and disbanded in 1971. The group was re-established in 1994 under the name Quatermass II with a different line-up, before it disbanded around 1998.


The trio was formed in September 1969 and consisted of singer and bassist John Gustafson, keyboardist J. Peter Robinson and drummer Mick Underwood. Underwood had previously worked with Ritchie Blackmore on The Outlaws and also with Jet Harris and played with The Herd , while Gustafson had already gained experience with The Merseybeats and The Big Three . The group released their only self-titled album in 1970 on Harvest Records . As singles were Black Sheep of the Family / Good Lord Knows (1970) and Gemini / Black Sheep of the Family extracted (1971). After the album was released, the band went on tour through Europe and another through the United States , including performing for The Kinks . Then the group went to the studio to record a second album. Of this, however, only two songs were released in the form of the single One Blind Mice / Punting . In 1971 the band split up. The members then devoted themselves to other projects.

In 1994, Underwood revived the band and added Nick Simper as the new bass player. The guitarist Bernie Tormé ( Gillan , Atomic Rooster ) and the singer Peter Taylor were hired as further new members . After a few rehearsals, Tormé left the cast and was replaced by Gary Davis. From then on the group called itself Quatermass II and a demo with three songs was recorded. Since neither Simper nor Underwood were satisfied with the vocal recordings from this, Bart Foley was added as a new singer. Foley and Davis then wrote most of the material for an album, although two songs by original bassist John Gustafson and one by Bernie Tormé were contributed. Don Airey contributed keyboard passages for the album recordings . The release took place in November 1997 under the name Long Road on Thunderbird Records . For the following European tour in spring 1998 Lindsey Bridgewater could be heard on the keyboard. Then the band broke up.


Andy Kellman of Allmusic and The International Encyclopedia of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal assigned the band to Progressive Rock. According to rockdetector.com , Quatermass also influenced other bands. Judas Priest played the Quatermass song Black Sheep of the Family , which is also included on the Rainbow debut album, when they were founded. Alan Atkins, a former singer of Judas Priest, also covered the song on his 1998 album Victim of Changes , as did Yngwie Malmsteen in 2000 and Kevin DuBrow on his solo album In for the Kill . Keith Pettipas from Allmusic found in his review of Long Road that the band, in contrast to the original formation, is less progressive, rather there is hard rock in the style of Whitesnake , Starship and Aerosmith . Stefan Glas from Rock Hard saw it similarly in his review of the album, who heard a lot of “melodic heavy rock ”, whereby the music neither sounded old-fashioned nor forcedly modern.


as a quatermass
  • 1970: Quatermass (album, Harvest Records )
  • 1970: Black Sheep of the Family / Good Lord Knows (Single, Harvest Records)
  • 1971: Gemini / Black Sheep of the Family (Single, Harvest Records)
  • 1971: One Blind Mice / Punting (Single, Harvest Records)
as a quatermass II

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