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Nick Simper & Nasty Habits; Nick Simper (left), "Reigen", Vienna (2015)

Nicholas Simper (born November 3, 1945 in Nordwood Green , Southall) is a British bass player . Simper was a founding member of Deep Purple in 1968. In 1969 he was replaced by Roger Glover .


Simper founded his first band "The Renegades" in 1960 at school. Then he joined the “Delta Five” and at the end of 1964 ended up with “Buddy Britten & The Regents”. Here he recorded his first single entitled " She's About a Mover ". Via the stations "Simon Raven Cult" (late 1965) and "Cyrano & The Bergeracs" (early 1966), Simper came to his first professional band " Johnny Kidd & The Pirates " in May 1966 . The career of this group around Johnny Kidd came to an abrupt end on October 7, 1966 when Johnny Kidd was killed in a car accident. Simper was also in the accident car, but got away with a broken arm and a few bruises. Without Johnny Kidd , the “Pirates” only survived until May 1967, when they broke up. With Johnny Kidd appeared the only single with the collaboration of Nick Simper " Send For That Girl ".

While looking for a new employer, Nick Simper struck gold with " Screaming Lord Sutch ", which he joined in May 1967. Nick Simper finally landed on " The Flower Pot Men " in October 1967, after only a few weeks with Billie Davis' backing band . There he met Jon Lord . The troupe, which was put together by former " Searchers " drummer Chris Curtis , had great success with the single " Let's Go to San Francisco ". When Jon Lord and Nick Simper got on there, none of the musicians who had recorded the hit were left with the band.

At this point only Lord and Simper were members of the group. Since they were urgently looking for a guitarist and Nick had met someone named Ritchie Blackmore on "Screaming Lord Sutch" , he was hired. The foundation stone for " Roundabout " was laid.

After Ritchie Blackmore had brought a well-known drummer named Ian Paice into the band to complete the band , who also brought along a singer named Rod Evans , the basic formation of Deep Purple was formed.

After the first three LPs of "Deep Purple", Nick Simper and Rod Evans had to leave the band at Blackmore's instigation and were replaced by Ian Gillan and Roger Glover . Nick Simper got a severance payment of £ 10,000 after leaving Deep Purple. He then joined the " Marsha Hunt Band " and again "Screaming Lord Sutch" for a short time before he founded his own band " Warhorse " in August 1970 . She recorded two LPs which, due to his past as a Purple member, sold relatively well, but did not achieve the desired success for a long time. In between, they briefly called themselves "Iron Horse".

In May 1974, however, the band broke up and Nick Simper increasingly disappeared into oblivion. He hired himself out as a session or studio musician. In the same year another single with the title " St. Louis " appeared under the name Nick Simpers Dynamite . In April 1978 Simper founded his new band Nick Simpers Fandango , but this formation only recorded two LPs.

Simper then worked, among other things, for. B. with formations like " Rosco Gordon ", " Quatermass II " and some other projects.

Nick Simper is currently part of the Nick Simper & Nasty Habits formation.


Deep Purple


  • Warhorse (1970)
  • Red Sea (1972)

Nick Simpers Fandango

  • Slipstreaming (1979)
  • Future Times (1980)

Rosco Gordon

  • Rosco Rocks Again (1982)

Quatermass II

  • Long Road (1997)

Nick Simper & Nasty Habits

  • De La Frog Conspiracy (2015)

other projects

  • The Flowerpot Men - "Let's Go to San Francisco" (1967)
  • Screaming Lord Sutch - "Hand of Jack the Ripper" (1971)
  • Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - "The Best of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates" (1978)
  • Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - "Rarities" (1983)
  • Wee Willie Harris & the Alabama Slammers (2000)
  • Nick Simper & Marsha Hunt at Bilzen Festival (1969)


  • A Life In Purple - The ultimate DEEP PURPLE - Bible by Ingo Jansen

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