Raft (computer game)

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Studio Redbeet Interactive
Publisher Axolot Games
composer Jannik Schmidt
23 May 2018
platform Windows
genre Survival
Game mode Single player , multiplayer
control Mouse , keyboard
system advantages
medium Download
language multilingual
copy protection Steam

Raft is a computer game from the year 2018 , that of Redbeet Interactive develops and aXolot Games is marketed.


The game is played in first person view and can be played in both single player and multiplayer mode , with the server being automatically provided by the game and the game taking place in co-op mode .

At the beginning the player starts on a raft in the middle of the sea. All he has is a hook that he can use to fish barrels, wood , palm fronds , plastic and other objects out of the water. The player can leave the raft and collect objects while swimming, but must then be careful that the raft does not drift away in the current and that the playing figure is not killed by the shark that is always near the raft. Using a crafting system , the player can use the collected content to assemble and research new items and to expand and improve the raft. For example, tools , weapons and nets can be manufactured, control and guidance of the raft can be improved, technical systems can be manufactured and purely visual changes can be made.

Furthermore, the player must take care of the basic needs of food and drink. In the course of the game, the raft swims past islands that the player can climb to get special items. The player can dive in coastal regions and collect special items.

At the end of the game it is possible for the player to come to a research station island with a special radio device .

Development and publication

Raft comes from three Swedish students at Uppsala University who have been working on the game since late 2016. On 23 May 2018 launched Raft in Steam - early-access program. Raft was previously distributed on the indie platform Itch.io , where it is still available as a free download . A Linux version was discontinued from version 1.05 due to time constraints. After two weeks, the game made it to number 3 of the most played games on Steam and had sold over 400,000 times. New functions are added regularly through updates .

The German composer Jannik Schmidt is responsible for the soundtrack of the game .


By the end of May 2017, the developer version had been downloaded over seven million times. The website Polygon named the game one of the most successful games on Steam of 2018 and praised the mix of exploring, collecting, managing and learning. The game gained fame through numerous Let's Plays on the YouTube video platform, among other things .

The developers told PC gamers that one reason for the success compared to other survival games that are played in an open world could be the limited area. Due to the sandbox system and the setting on the open sea, the game is also compared with Subnautica .

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