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Renate Müller , also Rene Müller (born April 26, 1906 in Munich , † October 7, 1937 in Berlin ) was a German actress and singer . She starred in both silent and sound films and on stage .


Renate Mueller. Photo by Yva

Renate Müller took singing lessons in Munich while at school and, after moving with her parents in 1924, took acting lessons at the Max Reinhardt School in Berlin . In 1925 she made her debut at the Harz Bergtheater Thale in A Midsummer Night's Dream . After that she also worked in Berlin at the Lessing Theater , the Barnowsky Theaters and the State Theater. The silent film discovered her in 1928 and she received several major roles there . But her vocally educated voice only really came into play through the sound film. With Liebling der Götter (1930) on Viktor and Viktoria (1933) and Allotria (1936) it became a trademark of German film. In addition, the song she sung I'm so happy today from Die Privatsekretärin (1931) became an extremely popular hit .

On October 7, 1937, she died unexpectedly in a Berlin hospital after falling from the first floor of her villa a fortnight earlier. Her death gave rise to much speculation. What is certain is that the then Propaganda Minister Goebbels wanted to pair her with Hitler and she showed no interest. Since then, her artistic work has been systematically hindered. Because of her popularity, she got two lead roles in the apolitical films Eskapade and Allotria in 1936 . In the end, she was forced to take part in the propaganda film Togger in 1936 . At that time she also had a relationship with the Jewish banker's son Georg Deutsch, who emigrated to Paris , which did not improve her situation. The Gestapo now kept the actress under constant surveillance. Müller became addicted to alcohol, took drugs and at times suffered from epilepsy . According to her friend, the actress Sybille Schmitz , who found Müller unconscious and with a head injury on the terrace, Müller fell drunk from the first floor of her villa in Berlin-Dahlem . Rumors that she threw herself out the window or that she was killed by the Gestapo turned out to be false. Müller was buried in the Parkfriedhof Lichterfelde in Berlin, Thunerplatz 2-4. Acting colleagues were forbidden to attend the funeral service, which was filmed by the Gestapo. The actress's entire property was expropriated and publicly auctioned off, although her parents and sister were still alive.

Her life was filmed with the actress Ruth Leuwerik under the title Darling of the Gods (1960). The Müller family tried unsuccessfully to prevent this film by filing a lawsuit because the plot was based on historical facts, their death and the like. a. depicted as suicide, deviated.



  • 1931: I asked my heart (from Die Privatsekretärin ; Music: Paul Abraham , Text: Robert Gilbert )
  • 1931: I'm so happy today (from Die Privatsekretärin ; Music: Paul Abraham, Text: Robert Gilbert)
  • 1931: Just Because I Lost My Heart To You (from Sunshine Susie ; Music: Paul Abraham)
  • 1931: Today I Feel So Happy (from Sunshine Susie ; Music: Paul Abraham)
  • 1932: I would like to marry (from girls to marry ; music: Michael Krasznay-Krausz , text: Robert Gilbert)
  • 1932: You can be so amiable (from girls to marry ; music: Michael Krasznay-Krausz, text: Robert Gilbert)
  • 1932: We all need a little joy (from girls for marriage ; music: Michael Krasznay-Krausz, text: Robert Gilbert and Armin L. Robinson)
  • 1932: How do I tell my husband? (from the film of the same name; music: Theo Mackeben , text: Felix Joachimson )
  • 1932: I've often thought of freedom
  • 1932: Wonderful To Me (from Marry Me ; music: Michael Krasznay-Krausz)
  • 1932: A Little Sunshine
  • 1932: You wear red when you're in love
  • 1932: Who once only kissed a midinet
  • 1932: Marry Me (from the film of the same name; music: Michael Krasznay-Krausz)
  • 1933: I feel like this, I don't know how
  • 1933: Quelque chos' me dit
  • 1933: Season in Cairo
  • 1933: Une idylle en Caire
  • 1933: On the Danube, when the wine is blooming
  • 1933: When Lanner plays a waltz
  • 1933: roses and love
  • 1933: One day in spring (from Viktor and Viktoria ; music: Franz Doelle , text: Bruno Balz )
  • 1933: Come with me to Madrid (from Viktor and Viktoria ; music: Franz Doelle, text: Bruno Balz)
  • 1934: There is no pleasure without you (from The English Marriage ; music: Franz Doelle, text: Charles Amberg )


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