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Richard Plant (born Richard Plaut on July 22, 1910 in Frankfurt am Main ; died on March 3, 1998 in New York City ) was a German-American German scholar and writer .


Plant was born in 1910 as the son of a city ​​councilor in Frankfurt am Main. His sister Elisabeth Plaut (1906–1987) married the book illustrator Leo Meter while emigrating . After the National Socialists came to power and the associated beginning of the anti-Semitic persecution of Jewish students as well and because of the increasing persecution of homosexuals under Section 175 , Plaut left Germany and went to Switzerland ; In 1935 he was at the University of Basel with Eduard Hoffmann-Krayer and Franz Zinkernagel with a thesis on Arthur Schnitzler doctorate .

Arthur Schnitzler's dissertation as a narrator was followed in 1936 by a children's book, Die Kiste mit den Große S. , and in 1938 the paperback of the film . From 1938 he lived in the USA , where he changed his name to Plant . Another children's book was published in 1939, SOS Geneva (together with Oskar Seidlin ), followed in 1948 by The Dragon in the Forest . Under the collective pseudonym Stefan Brockhoff , detective novels were also published , which he wrote individually or together with Seidlin and Dieter Cunz . In German-speaking countries, Plant was also known through publications (in English) as Orlando Gibbons in the Zurich homosexual magazine Der Kreis and above all through his study The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War against Homosexuals , published in 1986 (German 1991 as Rosa Winkel. Der Krieg der Nazis against the homosexuals ).

From 1947 to 1973 Plant taught at the City University of New York and occasionally at the New School for Social Research . He died in New York City in 1998 at the age of 87.

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- For the detective novels see under Stefan Brockhoff . -


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