Ringwall Lüderich

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Ringwall Lüderich
Creation time : Iron age
Castle type : Hilltop castle
Place: Overath - Lüderich
Geographical location 50 ° 55 '56.8 "  N , 7 ° 12' 41"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 55 '56.8 "  N , 7 ° 12' 41"  E
Ringwall Lüderich (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Ringwall Lüderich
Elevated reservoir (waterworks) on the Lüderich

The ring wall Lüderich is an Iron Age fortification on the Lüderich in the city of Overath . Hardly anything can be seen of the relics. Today the elevated tank of a waterworks stands roughly in the middle of the former ring wall.


During an excavation carried out by the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn in 1956 , shards of clay vessels from the Iron Age were found. According to this, the Lüderich ring wall must be one of the few prehistoric ring wall systems on the western edge of the Bergisches Land , similar to the Moitzfelder Erdenburg .

Object description

On the road leading from Steinenbrück to the former main shaft of the Lüderich mine , you first come to the parking lots for the golf course. If you go from here on the uphill hiking trail to the highest point of the hilltop, you can see the elongated oval wall. It has a diameter of about 550 × 300 meters. In its south-western to south-eastern part, it is well preserved at around 600 meters. It is flattened in the northeast. In the east it stops completely. The total area is about 15 hectares. During the excavations carried out in 1956, two trenches were found that were sunk into the rock. In between there was a small wall. Behind it, there was evidence of a 4.5 meter wide wood-earth wall that was obviously burned.

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