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The manor Remeringhausen is a manor in the town of Stadthagen in the district of Schaumburg, which has been documented since the end of the 16th century .

Moat with bridge to the gatehouse of the Remeringhausen manor


The manor is located on the outskirts of Heuerßen on the northeastern foothills of the Bückeberg around 90 meters above sea ​​level . It is located not far south of the federal highway 65 between Stadthagen and Bad Nenndorf .


In 1565 Börries von Münchhausen (* 1515), Herr auf Apelern , Drost zu Lauenau inherited the manor Hessisch Oldendorf and a farm in Remeringhausen from his father-in-law Claus Büschen. He bequeathed both properties to his son Ludolph von Münchhausen , who assembled a famous library here and in Oldendorf. This went throughout Bauernlegen to the courtyard of a serf Meiers in a self-farmed Good; However , it was only given the status and privileges of a manor under his son. In 1600 Ludolph married 15-year-old Anna von Bismarck from the Krevese and Schönhausen family. They had 18 children, including five sons. Ludolph built a renaissance castle in Remeringhausen, of which a side wing still stands today. In 1596 he had acquired the sundial that adorns this building from Henning Ebbeke, bailiff of Sachsenhagen.

Manor house, back at the moat

The building was later replaced by a baroque mansion that still stands today. The manor has been in the family for over 500 years. It was one of many estates owned by the von Münchhausen family in the region, including Apelern , Lauenau , Stolzenau , Bettensen , Nienfeld and Hessisch Oldendorf (the first four still owned by the Münchhausen family). After the death of Hans Georg Freiherr von Münchhausen in 1952, his nephew Eberhard von Breitenbuch inherited the Remeringhausen manor. Today's owner is his granddaughter Tania von Schöning . From 2001 onwards, all buildings were renovated in accordance with listed buildings.

Some historians suspect that Remeringhausen (until around 1700 "Remerhusen") was once a spying post of the Romans . The location above a spacious plain is a place where every troop movement on the Hellweg as the forerunner of today's B 65 could be observed. The square terrain platform, which verifiably existed as early as 1600, was typical of fortified Roman camps . Later this area would have served the residents of the village of Heuerßen as a fortress. During the Thirty Years' War the manor was used by the von Münchhausen family as a fortified fort.

Building and park

Weser renaissance castle

The ensemble is characterized by the small castle built in 1599 in the Weser Renaissance style and the baroque manor house built in 1701 . The inner courtyard can be reached via a bridge and a gatehouse . The bridge was built in 1750; the gatehouse was rebuilt in 1930 after a fire. A stone sundial from 1556 is on the castle. The entire building complex is framed by a wide moat. Another bridge leads to the park, which is designed in the style of an English landscape garden.


The poet Börries Freiherr von Münchhausen spent several weeks on the manor, which belonged to his father and later his brother, and wrote his ballad The Last of the Sex about his ancestor Claus Büschen.

Todays use

Illumination in the courtyard on the occasion of an exhibition (2015)

The manor is privately owned and used for agriculture. Also, found on the grounds in the kind of outings exhibitions and events such. B. the "Park Festival Romantic Garden" instead. Rooms can be rented for festive occasions. The so-called “Scheunenfest”, which kicks off each season of the RTL hit TV show Bauer sucht Frau , takes place every year on the manor. The Medieval Festival Medieval Fantasy Spectaculum was a guest at Rittergut Remeringhausen annually until 2017.


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