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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Auetal
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Auetal highlighted

Coordinates: 52 ° 14 '  N , 9 ° 14'  E

Basic data
State : Lower Saxony
County : Schaumburg
Height : 192 m above sea level NHN
Area : 62.16 km 2
Residents: 6202 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 100 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 31749
Primaries : 05752, 05753
License plate : SHG, RI
Community key : 03 2 57 003
Community structure: 16 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Rehrener Strasse 25
31749 Auetal
Website :
Mayor : Heinz Kraschewski ( SPD )
Location of the municipality of Auetal in the district of Schaumburg
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Auetal is a municipality with no eponymous capital in the district of Schaumburg in Lower Saxony (Germany).



The Auetal lies between the Süntel , the Weser Mountains and the Bückeberg .

The floodplain , also known as the Bückeburger floodplain , which flows through the municipality and is fed by numerous streams and flows into the Weser , has its source in Hattendorf .

View from the federal highway 2 on Auetal

The Federal Highway 2 cuts through the 5 km wide and 15 km long Auetal.

Community structure

Auetal community
  1. Altenhagen with the Wormstal manor
  2. Antendorf with Gut Nienfeld
  3. Bernsen with the Bernser Landwehr and parts of the driving area
  4. Borstel with the residential areas Borsteler Bruch, Borsteler Feld and Borsteler Hude
  5. Escher with the Bültenbrink residential area
  6. Hattendorf with Gut Südhagen
  7. Kathrinhagen
  8. Klein Holtensen
  9. Poggenhagen with Gut Oelbergen
  10. Wheels
  11. Rannenberg with Gut Bodenengern
  12. Rehren with the Obersburg residential area
  13. Rolfshagen with the Horsthof residential area
  14. Schoholtensen with the Sundern and Wierser Landwehr residential areas
  15. Westerwald
  16. Wiersen


On December 11, 1182, the places Antendorf, Klein Holtensen, Rehren and Wiersen were first mentioned in a document.

On March 1, 1974, the municipalities in the area of ​​what would later become the municipality of Auetal were restructured. The following enlarged communities emerged:

  • Hattendorf through the merger of the previous communities Antendorf, Escher, Hattendorf and Raden
  • Rehren through the amalgamation of the previous municipalities Borstel, Kathrinhagen, Poggenhagen, Rannenberg, Rehren, District Court District Obernkirchen (short: Rehren AO) and Westerwald
  • Rolfshagen through the incorporation of Bernsen
  • Schoholtensen through the merger of the previous communities Altenhagen, Klein Holtensen, Schoholtensen and Wiersen.

These communities were merged on April 1, 1974 to form the new Auetal community.


Municipal council

The municipality council of the municipality of Auetal consists of 18 councilors. This is the specified number for a municipality with a population between 6,001 and 7,000. The 18 council members are elected by local elections for five years each. The current term of office began on November 1, 2011 and ends on October 31, 2016.

The full-time mayor Heinz Kraschewski (SPD) is also entitled to vote in the council of the municipality.

The last local election on September 11, 2016 resulted in the following:

CDU SPD WGA Green FDP total
2016 4th 8th 4th 2 0 18 seats


The full-time mayor of the Auetal community is Heinz Kraschewski (SPD). In the last mayoral election on May 25, 2014, he was elected with 50.8% of the vote. His rival candidate Bela Bettina Lange received 49.2%. The turnout was 53.1%. Kraschewski took office on November 1, 2014, replacing the previous incumbent Thomas Priemer (SPD), who was no longer running.

Previous mayor
  • 2000-2006: Ursula Sapia (SPD)
  • 2006–2014: Thomas Priemer (SPD)
  • Since 2014: Heinz Kraschewski (SPD)

coat of arms

In September 1980 it was decided to use a municipal coat of arms , which shows a Süntelbuche with 16 leaves between two hills - Bückeberg and Süntel - and across in front of it a stream - the floodplain. Each beech leaf stands for one of the 16 districts. The symbols are framed by the historic Schaumburger nettle leaf. The colors are green, red and silver.

Culture and sights

Local museum


The "Heimatmuseum Auetal" in Hattendorf was first opened in 1984 as a home parlor in a room in the building of the former elementary school in Hattendorf with the support of the community of Auetal. The museum is supported by the Association for Home Care Auetal e. V. After several expansions, the extensive collection was presented in 20 rooms of the former school as the “Auetal Local History Museum”. An intact village blacksmith's shop is housed in an adjoining building, and work is also carried out there by arrangement. The exhibition focuses on former rural life and handicrafts.


Kathrinhagen Church
  • Bodenengern: The old moated castle Bodenengern was built in 1053 and provided with a moat. It was rebuilt in 1673 and served as the seat of the von Post knights . Today it is surrounded by a moat and is located in the middle of the countryside.
  • Escher : Dutch windmill
  • Hattendorf : Protestant parish church of St. Eligius built around 1300. Pastor Karl-Georg Sommerlath, a great-uncle of today's Swedish Queen Silvia, preached here for many years .
  • Kathrinhagen : evang.-luth. Church of St. Catherine, 13th century
  • Rehren : late Gothic church
  • Gut Nienfeld (private property Frhr. Von Blomberg ), founded in 1594 by Claus von Münchhausen (1560–1617) on Apelern , Drost zu Lauenau
  • Well oil mountains
  • Gut Wormsthal: old courtyard from the 13th century with gable and fountain from 1632 ( Weser Renaissance ), owned by the von Alten-Nordheim family

Economy and Infrastructure


The Waitzenbinde industrial area is accessible directly at the Rehren junction to the 2 federal motorway. Small-scale business extends across all districts.


The community has a connection to the BAB 2 in the district of Rehren . The nearest train stations are in Rinteln , Hessisch Oldendorf and Haste . The public transport is the Schaumburger transport company ensured (SVG) with several bus lines.

Public facilities

  • The seat of the administration of the municipality Auetal is in Rehren.
  • The police station in Rinteln is responsible for security and order. There is a police station manned during the day on site.
  • The fire protection and general help is through the local volunteer fire departments ensured.
  • Sonnental outdoor pool in Rolfshagen with solar panels.


There is a primary school in the Rehren district. Secondary schools are located in Obernkirchen , Rinteln and Bad Nenndorf .


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