Roberto Chery

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Roberto Chery
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Roberto Chery
birthday February 16, 1896
place of birth MontevideoUruguay
date of death May 30, 1919
Place of death Rio de JaneiroBrazil
position goal
Years station Games (goals) 1
1915-1919 Club Atlético Peñarol 31 (0)
National team
Years selection Games (goals)
1919 Uruguay 1 (0)
1 Only league games are given.

Roberto Chery (born February 16, 1896 in Montevideo , † May 30, 1919 in Rio de Janeiro ) was a Uruguayan football goalkeeper during the time of amateur sports in the Uruguay Association Football League (1900-1931).


He played for the then five-time amateur champions Club Atlético Peñarol initially in the third division and was part of the club's first team from 1915. On November 26, 1916 he made his debut in the final won for a friendship cup against River Plate FC . At the Copa Competencia he also delivered a strong performance in the 3-0 win over Rosario Central . Nevertheless, Antonio Márques Castro , who was signed by Dublin FC , and veteran goalkeeper Ernesto Cornú were preferred to him in the subsequent period . It was not until the Copa Albion on May 27, 1917 that he came back to play because the players used in the league were not allowed to play there, and shone just like at the other Clásico in that cup on June 29, 1917. Nevertheless, he then had his Clear the space between the posts for the time being. After a disastrous performance by Márques Castro in the Copa de Honor on October 28, 1917, in which he had to concede four goals against arch rivals for the second time within a few months, the hour finally struck Cherys. From then on, he was part of the starting line-up in the league for the next two years. His greatest achievement was the league title in 1918. Chery was considered exceptionally talented and interpreted the role of his playing position in an innovative way. For example, he preferred - in contrast to most of the other goalkeepers who showed up in white shirts - gray jerseys so as not to get into the immediate, spontaneous visual focus of the opposing strikers. He enjoyed a huge popularity with the public. The fact that Peñarol lost only one game of the nine games with him in the goal against the city and arch-rivals Club Nacional de Football - and this only because of a penalty kick - contributed to this . His nickname "Poeta" ( de .: Poet) comes from the fact that Chery was extremely interested in literature and often read poems to his teammates - including those he had written himself.

Due to his convincing sporting achievements, he was appointed by national coach Severino Castillo in the national team for the Campeonato Sudamericano 1919 (forerunner of the Copa America ) in Brazil . He was a substitute goalkeeper behind Cayetano Saporiti and came on May 17 in the second game of Celeste against Chile (2-0) at the Estádio das Laranjeiras. During the game, Chery was seriously injured and was immediately admitted to hospital. Information on the type of injury varies. In the course of a defensive parade, he either hit his head against a goal post and lost consciousness, or he contracted a hernia with organ bruises. In the hospital, the goalkeeper received visits from his teammates as well as from various players from the other national teams. He succumbed to his injuries 13 days after the game - just one day after the final of the tournament, which the Uruguayans lost 1-0 aet against Brazil. The news caused great consternation in the football world in all of South America and on June 1, a spontaneous friendly match between the national teams of Brazil and Argentina was organized in Rio de Janeiro . The so-called Copa Roberto Chery was played in memory of the deceased. In his honor, the Argentinians wore the national jerseys of Uruguay and Brazil the Peñarols dress. The game ended 3-3 and the trophy was then handed over to CA Peñarol.



Official competitions
  • Uruguayan amateur champion: 1918
Friendship tournaments
  • Copa Competencia: 1916
  • Copa de Honor: 1918
  • Copa Albion: 1916, 1917
  • Copa Aniversario: 1916
  • Copa Montevideo: 1918
  • Copa "La Transatlántica": 1916


Official competitions
Friendship tournaments
  • Copa Tortoni: 1918

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