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SPN-X live (2005)
SPN-X live (2005)
General information
Genre (s) Punk rock / pop punk
founding 1997
resolution 2009
Website www.spn-x.de
Founding members
Nico Geisler
Alexander Muth (until 2005)
Thomas "PUPE" Choinowski
Michael Schlottke
Last occupation
Nico Geisler
Roy Check (since 2005)
Thomas "PUPE" Choinowski
Michael Schlottke

SPN-X (also SPNX ) was a German punk band from Cottbus , which named itself after the license plate of the drummer Thomas "PUPE" Choinowski.

Band history

The founders Alexander Muth and Nico Geisler, who both met at school, started the band ERM (Ein Rasantes Musik) in the summer of 1995. They met PUPE when they found out from a friend that someone in a new apartment was constantly bothering the neighbors with drumming exercises.

The now complete band played the first year exclusively in the rehearsal room in Muth's parents' house. In 1996 the first demo recordings followed in the Cottbus theater. The first appearances were played and in 1997 the band recorded their first album "Nachrichten aus Arschland". On the album there are, among other things, some political titles such as "Bullenmord und Anarchy", "Antinazilied" and "Heike M.". Presumably because of the poor quality and the lack of structure behind the band, the recording never became a commercial success. After further appearances and constant “guitar and bass swapping” between Muth and Geisler, Michael Schlottke joined the band, who had already achieved local fame with his band “Jungle of Freedom”.

In 1998 the band renamed itself to SPN-X after the license plate of band member Thomas Choinowski. SPN is the license plate number of the Spree-Neisse district surrounding Cottbus .

The band won the final of the f6 Music Awards in 2000 and received a single release with BMG Berlin . A cover version of Nena's song " Nur Traum " was released in collaboration with Tim Sander and Micha Krabbe , which reached number 57 in the German single charts . The song can also be found on the soundtrack to the film Wie Feuer und Flamme . The group then appeared several times in the youth magazine Bravo , which they mocked in their song "Bravopunk".

The band's success prompted the record company to release an album. For this purpose, the band went to the Heart Beat studio in Cologne for two months and in autumn 2001 produced the first SPN-X album together with Wolfgang Stach (“stackman”), which was named after the original band name “Ein Rasantes Musik”. The album received very different ratings from the press. The Metal Hammer honored the band's abilities with the highest grade, while the Visions insulted them several times in their review . As a result, the cult song "How low can a punk get" was created, which was given the same name as the article by vision editor Dirk Siepe. SPN-X also sent a package to the Visions editorial team. It contained a blue plastic tub with a copy of the magazine and the band members' feces. The preparation of the package and the dispatch were recorded on video and published on the band's homepage.

In 2002 SPN-X took part in the Eurovision Song Contest preliminary decision in the Ostseehalle in Kiel. There they competed with “Bravopunk” against the Kelly Family and Bernhard Brink, among others . With the aim of taking the last place and being excluded due to bad behavior, the band reached seventh place out of a total of 15 participants.

Due to the friendship with Udo Lindenberg , the band played several concerts with him, including the tour “Courage against Right Violence”. This was followed by appearances at the Taubertal Festival at the Wiesenfestival and several Germany and Austria tours .

In 2004 the band contributed six titles to the film " The Night of the Living Losers ", including a cover version of Michael Jackson's " Thriller ". In addition, the album “Guten Tag, mein Name ist Thomas”, which the band produced together with the Hamburg management “Hidden Force”, was released. After parting with this management (already the third), band co-founder Muth declared his exit due to several hearing loss . Long-time roadie Roy Check joined the band for him. Muth, however, promised to continue to accompany the band and to continue writing for them.

The third studio album, Back in the hands of the monkeys , was released on May 22nd and was only sold by the band themselves via their homepage.

On December 21, 2009, the band announced that they would split up until further notice and for an indefinite period of time.

On April 17th, 2015, the album "S" was released under the new band name "Sonnbrand".


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Just Dreamed (feat. Tim Sander & Micha Krabbe )
  DE 57 06/11/2001 (8 weeks)


  • News from Assland , 1997 (demo CD as "ERM")
  • A fast-paced music , 2001 ( BMG Berlin produced with Wolfgang Stach)
  • Hello, my name is Thomas , 2004 (SPN-X, BigD, 2004)
  • Back in the hands of the apes , 2009 (produced by Dirk Burke and SPN-X at Lakeside Studios)


  • Just dreamed , 2001
  • Bravopunk , 2002


Individual evidence

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