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Samuel St. George Rogers (born June 30, 1832 in Pulaski , Tennessee , † September 11, 1880 in Terre Haute , Indiana ) was an American lawyer , plantation owner , politician and officer .


Samuel St. George Rogers, son of Sarah Davidson and Samuel Rogers, was born in Giles County in 1832 . His youth were overshadowed by the economic crisis of 1837 and the following years by the Mexican-American War . At some point he moved to Florida . Rogers studied law in Columbus ( Georgia ) and then returned to Florida, where he worked as a lawyer. He owned a plantation in Ocala ( Marion County ). In the following years he served in the militia , where he held the rank of colonel . During this time he took part in the Seminole War. Rogers was married twice. He first married Mary Bowers Jenckes. It is not known whether this marriage resulted in children. After her death he married Josephine Amanda Baynard (1839-1901) on September 9, 1861. The couple had at least two children together: Mary Adilaide and Leonora St. George. In 1860 he was a member of the Florida Senate . After the outbreak of the Civil War , he joined the Second Florida Infantry Regiment on July 17, 1861 . He was a lieutenant colonel there . In May 1862 he was not reappointed to his position. The unit was reorganized on May 11, 1862 and he was not considered. On July 5, 1862, he was appointed commandant of a training camp in Florida, where he held the rank of major . He was promoted to colonel on April 23, 1863 and served as a judge at the military tribunal under General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard (1818-1893). On November 21, 1863 he resigned from the Confederate Army. He was elected to the Second Confederate Congress, where he served from 1864 until the end of the Confederation. After the end of the war he resumed his practice as a lawyer, but also continued to operate his plantation in Ocala. He died on September 11, 1880 in Terra Haute, Vigo County and was then buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis .


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