Battle of the Walserfeld

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Battle of the Walserfeld
date December 14, 1800
place Walserfeld in Salzburg
output French victory
Parties to the conflict

France 1804First French Republic France

Habsburg MonarchyHabsburg Monarchy Austria Bavaria
Electorate of BavariaElectorate of Bavaria 

France 1804First French Republic Jean-Victor Moreau
General en chef
France 1804First French Republic Jean Paul Dessolles
Chef de l'état
Habsburg MonarchyHabsburg Monarchy Johann of Austria
High command
Habsburg MonarchyHabsburg Monarchy Josef von Lauer Habsburg MonarchyHabsburg Monarchy Franz von Weyrother
Troop strength
71,500 65,400

10,000 dead and wounded

12,000 dead and wounded

The Battle of the Walserfeld (also Battle of Salzburg ) was a battle in the Second Coalition War (First Napoleonic War) from December 12th to 14th, 1800. In this battle, the main army under Archduke Johann was able to defeat part of the French Army of the Rhine (deceased I. Corps Lecourbe ) in the Wals - Siezenheim - Saalachspitz area achieved a complete victory, but had to break off the battle and retreat to the east due to the threat posed by the French troops from the north.

Due to the successful crossing of the Salzach further north near Laufen by the mass of French troops under Jean-Victor Moreau , the Austrian army was threatened with encirclement in the Salzburg area. This forced a further retreat in the direction of Vienna in order to save the now heavily decimated Austrian troops. After the battle on the Walserfeld between Viehhausen and Kleßheim Castle, the Austrian troops managed to withdraw in an orderly manner and thus escape the encirclement. On December 25th, the Steyr armistice ended the French advance near Melk .

Including reserves , the main imperial army comprised around 65,400 soldiers on December 12, 1800 and the French Rhine army around 71,500 soldiers . The losses within three days of fighting are given on the French side with over 10,000 men, on the Austrian side with over 12,000 men. The monument to the battle of the Walserfeld today commemorates this armed conflict .


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