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Eggenberg Palace, brewery section

The Eggenberg Castle is located about 1.7 km from Vorchdorf in Upper Austria on the road to Gmunden . Today it is best known for its brewery .


Eggenberg Palace around 1674, engraving by Georg Matthäus Vischer

The oldest building of the castle was probably built around 971 and it has changed hands several times in a checkered history. 1274 is the first documentary mention on the occasion of the pledge of the Maierhof zu Eggenberg to the Passau cleric Heimricus de Inne . From 1287 the castle is owned by the Eggenberg family. Tiemo der Eggenberg and Ottokar von Eggenberg are the best-known representatives of this family, which incidentally has no relation to the later Styrian noble family of Eggenberg , who built the brewery of the same name in Krumau in 1625 . From 1343 the castle became a princely fiefdom of Duke Albrecht III. of Austria . When the Eggenbergs died out in 1395, the fiefs were given to Jörg von Puchheim, Hanns von Stubenberg and Hans Pratzendorffer.

In 1397 Reinprecht II of Walsee bought the fiefdom, and the Walseers were subsequently replaced by Duke Albrecht VI. enfeoffed with it. From 1464 the Kirchberg family managed the property on a pledge, and in 1465 the knight Sigmund Kirchperger bought the castle. The other owners are from 1524 the Fernberger family, from 1625 Adam Graf von Herberstorff , from 1649 Wenzel Graf von Sprinzenstein , from 1651 Ludwig Graf von Kuefstein and from 1680 the Kremsmünster Abbey .

From 1803 the brewery and in 1811 also the castle are acquired by Johann Georg Forstinger , his wife Theresia and their son Franz. His direct descendant Karl Stöhr is still the owner of the building and the brewery today. In 1807 parts of the vacant castle were demolished.

The brewery has been documented since the 14th century. At that time beer was produced for the surrounding towns and properties. In 1681 Michael Weismann started the commercial brewery .

Eggenberg Castle today

The defensive character of the castle, as shown in the engraving by Georg Matthäus Vischer , has been lost today. The wide moat was gradually filled in. The two towers flanking the entrance have been dismantled and can only be seen as corners of the house. Major parts of the castle were destroyed by a fire in 1877, so that only parts of the former outer bailey are preserved today. The new mansion was built according to plans by the Viennese architect Jung. The mansion wing is equipped on the garden side with curved wrought-iron window baskets. There are also wrought-iron bars on the courtyard side, but in a simpler design. In the inner courtyard area you will find an elongated building with a roof tower and a cross, a reference to the castle chapel . The original palace chapel was demolished in 1782 and rebuilt in 1889 by the founders Carl and Caroline Forstinger. The altarpiece depicts the Coronation of the Virgin by the painter Franz Engellachner from Gmunden.

The building of the brewery Schloss Eggenberg is diagonally opposite the old castle. A new brewhouse was opened in the 1970s . Today, the brewery can occupy market niches primarily with selected beer specialties. Among other things, the supposedly strongest lager in the world is brewed: the Samichlaus beer .


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