Sebastian von Mistelbach

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Sebastian von Mistelbach († 1519 in Heldburg ) was a German knight , manor owner and court official from the Electoral Saxony. He was bailiff of the later hereditary office of Grimma and most recently court marshal of the Saxon elector Frederick the Wise .


He came from the Franconian noble family von Mistelbach , which had its seat in Mistelbach in Upper Franconia and which died out in the male line as early as 1563.

Mistelbach was initially in the service of Duke Otto of Bavaria for some time.

In 1494 Sebastian von Mistelbach took over the position of bailiff of Grimma . In the same year he acquired the Klitzschen manor in the Wettin office of Torgau . At the same time he also owned the Vorwerk Börtewitz near Leisnig . He sold this again to Walpurgis in 1509, but kept the Klitzschen estate. In 1514 he was enfeoffed by Elector Friedrich II of Saxony with the seat, courtyard, Vorwerk and the church fief to Klitzschen and the Vorwerk Graefendorf.

In 1516 Sebastian von Mistelbach was electoral court marshal. In its place was Hans von der Planitz to Amtshauptmann appointed by Grimma. However, he left this place shortly after taking office a few months rest, as it is with other members of the Meissen nobility, including Sebastian of Mistelbach, in the same year on a pilgrimage to the Holy grave to Jerusalem went, where the Pope Leo X in Rome was hit.

Sebastian von Mistelbach held the office of court marshal until his sudden death in 1519. Sebastian von Mistelbach died at the Heldburg when he accompanied Elector Friedrich von Sachsen to Frankfurt am Main to elect the emperor . According to contemporaries at the time, the elector lost one of his oldest and best servants.

He left the son Georg von Mistelbach, who took over the inheritance from his father. He kept the Klitzschen manor until 1543 and then exchanged it for the secularized Nimbschen monastery .


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