Lake District (St. Gallen)

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Lake District
Country: Switzerland
Canton : St. Gallen
Region ISO : CH-SG
FSO number : 1710
Map of the former See district
Map of the municipalities of the district of See SG 2002.png
The former districts of the canton of St. Gallen
Map of the canton of St.Gallen districts 2002.png

The lake district (also Lake District ) was an administrative unit of the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland until 2003 .

The lake district was founded in 1831 after the Uznach district was divided into the See and Gaster districts. It included the historic county of Uznach and the city of Rapperswil . The main town was Uznach . The district was dissolved after the adoption of the new St. Gallen cantonal constitution in 2001 and became part of the newly formed See-Gaster constituency .

The municipalities of the former Seebezirk district

coat of arms Name of the parish Area
in km²
Ernetschwil Ernetschwil 10.26
Eschenbach Eschenbach 13.25
Goldingen Goldingen 22.11
Gommiswald Gommiswald 11.86
Jonah Jonah 20.43
Rapperswil Rapperswil 1.74
Schmerikon Schmerikon 4.15
St. Gallenkappel St. Gallenkappel 19.46
Uznach Uznach 7.55
Total (9) 110.81

The Federal Statistical Office ran the district under FSO no. 1710.

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