District Gaster

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District Gaster
Country: Switzerland
Canton : St. Gallen
Region ISO : CH-SG
FSO number : 1702
Map of the former Gaster district
Map of the municipalities of the Gaster district 2002.png
The former districts of the canton of St. Gallen
Map of the canton of St.Gallen districts 2002.png

The District Gaster was by the end of 2002, an administrative unit of the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland . The term comes from the Latin castrum . As a geographical name it describes the plain between Weesen and Uznach right of the Linth .

The Gaster district was founded in 1831 by dividing the Uznach district into the Gaster and See districts. It roughly covered the area of ​​the former bailiwick of Windegg (except for the community of Quarten ). The Gaster district was dissolved after the adoption of the new St. Gallen cantonal constitution in 2001 and became part of the newly formed See-Gaster constituency .

The municipalities of the former Gaster district

coat of arms Name of the parish Area
in km²
Amden Amden 43.48
Benken Benken 16.48
Kaltbrunn Kaltbrunn 18.68
Vineyards Vineyards 11.42
Schänis Schänis 39.90
Weesen Weesen 5.39
Total (6) 135.35

The Federal Statistical Office ran the district under FSO no. 1702.

Changes in the community

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