Mountainous Section of the German Alpine Club

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Mountainous Section of the German Alpine Club e. V.
Logo of the German Alpine Club
purpose "The purpose of the section is to promote and cultivate mountaineering and alpine sports, especially in the Alps and the German low mountain ranges, especially for young people and families, to preserve the beauty and originality of the mountains, to increase knowledge of the mountains expand."
Chair: Stefan Kehl (1st chairman)
Alex Huber (2nd chairman)
Establishment date: April 10, 1908 as a commercial alpine association Bergland
Number of members: 776 (as of December 31, 2018)
Seat : Munich , Bavaria

The mountainous section of the German Alpine Club e. V. is one of the smaller sections of the German Alpine Club in the Munich area with 776 members and is in 289th place in the list of sections of the German Alpine Club . It was founded on April 10, 1908 as the “Commercial Alpine Association Bergland” among others by the Munich mountaineer and businessman August Schuster ( Sporthaus Schuster ).


The section offers a variety of alpine activities, which are accompanied by volunteer tour guides. It starts with simple hikes in the Bavarian Alpine region and extends to glacier tours on the main ridge. Further focus areas are ski tours, mountain biking and climbing in all levels of difficulty. Bergland is also involved in the DAV climbing and bouldering center Munich-South . In the section there are active groups for families, youth, seniors, mountaineering and mountain bikers. The members' magazine “Der Bergländer” appears twice a year.

Section Chair

A chronological overview of all presidents of the section since it was founded.

Term of office president
1908 Willy Neumann
1909-1910 August Schuster
1911-1912 Anton Schmid
1913-1918 August Schuster
1919 Hermann Passavant
1920 August Schuster
1921 Hans Humann
1922 Hans Niesner
Term of office president
1923 HW Schmidt
1924-1925 Hans Niesner
1926-1938 HW Schmidt
1939-1945 Hanns Krämer
1947-1951 Hanns Krämer
1952-1956 Valentin Stettner
1957 Heinz Strobel
1958-1964 Valentin Stettner
Term of office president
1965-1966 Peter Kripp
1967-1970 Hans Held
1971-1975 Josef Hollacher
1976-1986 Allois Greck
1987-2000 Hans Hintermeier Jun.
2001-2018 Stefan Schuhbauer
Since 2019 Stefan Kehl


The Bergland section operates five huts, most of them in the Ammergau mountains . The Pürschling houses and the Brunnenkopfhütte are former hunting lodges of the Bavarian royal family. King Max II Joseph and the fairytale king Ludwig II stayed here to hunt chamois. The founder of the section, August Schuster, bought the huts for the section in 1919 and 1922.

Managed huts

Huts for members of the Mountain Country Section

Known members

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