Transmitter Solt

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Transmitter Solt
Image of the object
Transmitter system Solt; in the foreground the antenna feed line in the form of a trap line
Basic data
Place: Solt
County: Bács-Kiskun
Country: Hungary
Coordinates: 46 ° 50 ′ 3.4 ″  N , 19 ° 1 ′ 53.1 ″  E
Use: Broadcasting station
Accessibility: Transmission mast not open to the public
Owner : Magyar Posta
Mast data
Construction time : 1972-1977
Building material : steel
Operating time: since 1977
Total height : 303.6  m
Data on the transmission system
Last modification (transmitter) : Summer 2016
Waveband : AM station
Radio : MW broadcasting
Position map
Sender Solt (Hungary)
Transmitter Solt
Transmitter Solt

The transmitter Solt is a medium wave transmission mast in the Hungarian city ​​of Solt , approx. 80 km south of Budapest . The transmitter broadcasts the Hungarian radio program Kossuth Rádió on the frequency 540  kHz and with a transmission power of 2  MW is one of the world's largest medium-wave transmission systems. The broadcast program can be received in large parts of Europe, the Middle East and, in the evenings, in Far Eastern Malaysia and parts of North Africa .

The large- scale broadcasting system , which was built between 1972 and 1977, is operated by Magyar Posta and has a 303.6 m high self-radiating transmission mast , the electrically active part of which is 298 m high. The broadcasting house with the output stages, which is approx. 400 m away, is part of the system. The antenna feed line runs as a trap line between the broadcasting house and the antenna mast . The area around the transmission mast is largely cordoned off and not freely accessible.

The medium-wave transmitter has been a listed industrial monument since 2013 . From July 2016 to September 2016, the Solt transmitter was out of operation for several days because the planning for a fully transistorized transmitter with 1.68 MW was in progress. This will replace the tube transmitter with 2 MW from 1977, in which the dynamic amplitude modulation was already installed in 1988 to save electricity costs. This work was carried out by the Swiss company ABB . The modernization of the medium wave transmitter is carried out by the Canadian company Nautel . For this purpose, the transmitter building is being converted to air-cool the transmitters. Five 400 kW systems are used as power amplifiers themselves, which are housed together with the directional coupler in the broadcasting hall.

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