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Serge Adam (* 1957 in Rouen ) is a French jazz musician ( trumpet , composition ).


Adam received academic training as a trumpeter and composer at the conservatories of Caen and Versailles and as an improviser at the Institute for Artistic and Cultural Perception with Alan Silva and Itaru Oki .

Adam formed the group Polysons in 1993 with Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac , François Merville , Pierre-Olivier Govin and Jean-Rémy Guédon , which performed internationally and released two albums. In 1994 he co-founded the trio Les Amants de Juliette (with Benoît Delbecq and Philippe Foch), which has released four albums to date. Since 2000 he has also played in the Trio Hradcãny (with David Venitucci and Philippe Botta), which combines popular Turkish and Eastern European music with jazz and released a first album in 2002; the album Balkanic Jazz followed in 2006 with guest Bijan Chemirani . His album Up to 1970 (2014) was created with Noël Akchoté , Benoit Delbecq, Pierre de Bethmann , Bobby Jocky, Benjamin Henocq, Romuald Tual, Eric Vernhes, Christelle Séry and Djengo Hartlap. With Régis Huby he released the album Too Fast for Techno in 2005 .

He also developed multidisciplinary projects and interactive performances. Pousse-toi de mon soleil was created with the sculptor and illustrator Martin Haussmann . In 2009 he created the My Funny Valentine project with electronics engineer Romuald Tual. He also appears with the singer Tania Pividori and the guitarist Christelle Séry. With these, his Journal d'une apparition was created on the texts of Robert Desnos in 2016 . Musiques sur des Textes de Robert Desnos (Corps et biens) .

Since 2006 he has also worked with choreographers and created music for dance pieces. He is the composer and interpreter of Vortex (with Lionel Hoche, 2006), Souffles Croisés (with Delphine Caron, 2007), Icons (with Ziya Azazi, 2007), UW (with Dalila and Nacera Belaza, 2008) and À la veille de ne partir jamais (with Flavia Tapias, 2009). He can also be heard on albums by Alan Silva, Jean-Rémy Guédon, François Thuillier , Toufic Farroukh , Captain Mercier , Shazz and François Cotinaud .

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