Jean-Rémy Guédon

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Jean-Rémy Guédon (* 1957 ) is a French jazz musician ( tenor saxophone , flute ) and composer .


Guédon initially worked with Claude Barthélémy , Laurent Cugny , Sophia Domancich , Andy Emler , Antoine Hervé and the Compagnie Lubat ; he was also involved in the performance of York Höller's “Le Maître et Marguerite” at the Paris Opera and was part of the 2E2M ensemble under the direction of Paul Méfano . In 1993 he founded the still existing ensemble Archimusic , which he directs and with which he has released several albums. In the same year he also formed the group Polysons with Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac , François Merville , Pierre-Olivier Govin and Serge Adam , which performed internationally and released two albums, including a tribute to Soft Machine with Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper .

With Albert Mangelsdorff he directed the large-format German-French jazz ensemble between 1994 and 2004, for which he also composed. Didier Levallet brought him to the Orchester National de Jazz ( Deep Feelings , 2000). With Patrice Caratini he founded the national big band association Grands Formats. In dispute with the Marquis de Sade , he wrote his Sade Songs (2006), which he performed and recorded with Élise Caron . He also performed in a duo with singer and guitarist Maryse Ngalula. As a composer, he also wrote chamber music and symphonic works.

Discographic notes

  • Archimusic (Quoi de neuf, Docteur? 1995)
  • Archimusic 13 Arpents de malheur (Le Triton, 2001)
  • Polysons Folklore Moderne (with Serge Adam, Pierre-Olivier Govin, Jean-Remy Guedon, François Merville, Pierre Charial , Valentin Clastrier ; Quoi de neuf, Docteur? 2001-02)
  • Guédon / Christian Laviso / Dédé Saint-Prix Kaladjazz (2013)
  • Le Rêve de Nietzsche (Le Triton, 2013)

Compositions (selection)

  • Dans la Cible (1989) for 3 clarinettes
  • Pièce pour clarinette seule (1991)
  • Pigny Song (1993) for orchester à vent et rythmique de jazz
  • 4 pour 5 (1995) pièce pédagogique
  • Les Vents Tournent (1996) suite pour un octuor à vent, cornemuse et saxophone
  • Les 3 compères (1997), Les vers luisants (1997) and Le Plaisir (1998) (songs based on Khalil Gibran )
  • Autour d'Oum Kalsoum (1998)
  • Filao (1999) for the ensemble TM +
  • Hixpen (2000)
  • Kabakalli (2001) création symphonique

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