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Siegbert A. Warwitz (born September 19, 1937 in Münster ) is a German specialist in German studies , sports scientist , experimental psychologist and educator .

After training as an officer of the Armed Forces , he graduated at the Universities of Münster, Innsbruck, Tübingen and Vienna a philology studies for the higher teaching in the subjects German , sports science and philosophy and a doctorate after a subsequent psychology degree with summa cum laude to the Dr. phil. He took a two-year experimental psychological research mission of the University of Vienna , taught for several years at the Humanities College in Ravensburg and then followed a call to a professor of the University of Education Karlsruhe .

His main research interests lie in the areas of experimental sport psychology and a “traffic education from the child” developed by him , where he is particularly interested in questions of perception, the phenomenon of games and the risk / risk problem . He emerged as a venture researcher through his empirical studies on the mentality of cross-border commuters and extreme athletes as well as through his scientific analyzes of corresponding explanatory models. In doing so, he drafted his own, ethically based risk theory . He is the author of the sports motor skills test procedure Vienna Coordination Course (WKP) as well as the pedestrian diploma (FD) and the Karlsruhe 12-step program (KZSP) for traffic safety for school beginners. As a didactician, he introduced the principle of multidimensional learning into teaching. The classic teaching theater of the Verkehrskasper owes its renovation to a contemporary form of traffic education.

He was dean for many years and worked in a number of other university offices. He was involved in traffic education as a senate representative of his university, in teacher training, on lecture tours and as a scientific advisor to various institutions. In the risk field, he was entrusted with numerous expert assignments as an expert.

In 1995 he was awarded the Bruno Epple Prize (“ The 7th Sense for Children ”) in Karlsruhe on behalf of the Federal President Roman Herzog by Christiane Herzog “for outstanding scientific contributions to the road safety of children”. The award ceremony, which took place on the initiative of the Deutsche Verkehrswacht , was associated with a non-profit donation of 100,000 DM.


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