Simon VII (Lippe)

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Count Simon VII

Simon VII zur Lippe (born December 30, 1587 at Brake Castle near Lemgo ; † March 26, 1627 in Detmold ) was sovereign of the reformed county of Lippe-Detmold .


He was the second eldest son of Count Simon VI. zur Lippe and his wife Elisabeth von Schauenburg and Holstein . Simon had four brothers and five sisters.

In 1601 Simon and his older brother Bernhard were taught at the court school in Kassel . After Bernhard's early death (1602) he was brought home to Brake and systematically introduced to the affairs of government by his father. In 1617, Simon VII ended the bitter dispute, the "Lemgo Revolte", of his late father Simon VI. with the city of Lemgo in the Röhrentruper recess .

During the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648), Simon tried to keep his small country out of the turmoil of the war as far as possible by being neutral. However, there was a great burden on the population in times of war through billeting and the associated obligations.

Under the company name Der Lange he was accepted as a member of the Fruit Bringing Society .


Maria Magdalena to Waldeck-Wildungen

From his marriage in 1607 with Countess Anna Katharina von Nassau - Wiesbaden - Idstein (1590–1622):

  • Son († February 23, 1609)
  • Simon Ludwig zur Lippe (1610–1636) ⚭ 1631 Countess Katharina von Waldeck-Wildungen (1612–1649)
  • Marie Elisabeth (1611–1667) ⚭ 1649 Count Christian Friedrich von Mansfeld-Hinterort (1615–1666)
  • Anna Katharina (1612–1659) ⚭ 1657 Prince Friedrich von Anhalt-Harzgerode (1613–1670)
  • Johann Bernhard zur Lippe (1613–1652)
  • Otto Heinrich (1614–1648, murdered)
  • Hermann Adolf (1616–1666) ⚭ 1648 Countess Ernestine zu Isenburg-Büdingen-Birstein (1614–1665) | ⚭ 1666 Countess Amalia zur Lippe-Brake (1629–1676)
  • Juliana Ursula (1617-1630)
  • Johann Ludwig (1618–1628)
  • Friedrich Philipp (1619–1629)
  • Magdalena (1620-1646)
  • Simon (1620-1624)

In 1623 he married Countess Maria Magdalena von Waldeck-Wildungen (1606–1671). The couple had three children:

  • Christian (1623-1634)
  • Jobst Hermann (1624–1678) founder of the Lippe-Biesterfeld line ⚭ 1654 Countess Elisabeth Juliane von Sayn-Wittgenstein
  • Sophie Elisabeth (1625–1688) ⚭ 1644 Count Georg Wilhelm von Leiningen-Westerburg


With the death of Simon VII his second wife Maria Magdalena received the office of Schwalenberg ; she took her widow's seat at Schwalenberg Castle .


predecessor Office successor
Simon VI. Graf zur Lippe-Detmold
Simon Ludwig (Detmold)
Jobst Hermann (Biesterfeld)