Spindle tree-like

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Spindle tree-like
Common spindle bush, or European euonymus, (Euonymus europaeus), illustration.

Common spindle bush , or European euonymus, ( Euonymus europaeus ), illustration.

Class : Bedecktsamer (Magnoliopsida)
Nuclear eudicotyledons
Eurosiden I
Order : Spindle tree-like
Scientific name

Celastrales or celastrus-like (Celastrales) form an order of EUR Siden I .


They are woody or herbaceous plants . The simple leaves are opposite, occasionally also alternate, their edges are often serrated. Small stipules are present or absent depending on the family.

The radial symmetry flowers are mostly inconspicuous, hermaphroditic and five, more rarely four-fold. The flowers have a double perianth with free bracts , but the petals are often missing . Usually there is a fertile and a sterile stamen circle . There is often a discus. The syncarp ovary is upper to medium-sized.


Two families belong to the order of the spindle tree-like (Celastrales):

The spindle tree-like are the sister taxon to the clade of Malpighia-like and wood sorrel .

Spindle tree-like






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