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German sports badge in bronze

Sports badge is the generic term for badges of honor that are awarded by organizations and sports associations after certain achievements have been made at the level of popular sports . They usually consist of a wearable badge or a smaller lapel pin ; each combined with a confirmed written certificate .

National sports badges that include various sports can be recognized as state badges of honor.

Types of sports badges

A basic distinction must be made between sports badges with the function of:

A current feature of sports badges is the possibility that as large a number of people as possible can complete them. Therefore, the benefits to be provided for the acquisition are often graded according to age, gender and performance class.

Badges of achievement for certain groups of people or professions can also contain a high proportion of sporting requirements. However, these requirements may only be completed by a limited group of people - such as in fire brigade , military and police sports . In addition, specific activities and specialist knowledge may be checked. Therefore, the German Fire Brigade Fitness Badge (DFFA) or the European Police Achievement Badge (EPLA) are only sports badges in a broader sense.

Sports badges with different disciplines

The first national sports badge is the Idrottsmärke from Sweden , which was created in 1907. The German Sports Badge is awarded by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and has been recognized as a decoration of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1958 .

There are national sports badges for which performance in several different disciplines has to be achieved. B. also in:

Awards and badges of honor for achievements in popular sport that are comparable to sports badges, but are not designated as such, are available for B. in:

The European Athletics Diploma from 1963 is an example of a cross-national sports badge.

Sports badges are also awarded at regional level, such as the Bavarian Sports Achievement Badge from 1948 to 2012 or the Baselbieter Sports Badge in Basel since 1997 .

Sports badge for a specific sport

For an overview of sports badges in individual sports:


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